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Area Students Show Science Skills At WCCD’s Triathlon


Dothan, Ala. – High school students from around the area converged on Wallace Community College-Dothan recently to help solve a crime committed at Holland Farm. The crime, and the farm, are fictional, but the competition was not. The Fourth Annual Science Triathlon, which has become a tradition at WCCD, was worth the trip for top-scoring student Jared Stinson of Dothan High School who won a one-year scholarship to WCC.

To solve the case, students used physics skills to determine velocity and mass of the vehicle involved in the crime, along with the vehicle weight using tire pressure and data from a tire cast. Students’ chemistry skills were tested to determine the source of an unknown powder at the crime scene and the suspects’ cars. The amateur detectives also tested their biology skills in a presumptive blood test and blood typing/genetics.

The Science Triathlon is a free, annual event that allows local schools to display their students’ talents with hands-on events and written tests, while creating a passion for learning science concepts. Students competed in Biology, Physics/Physical Science, and Chemistry events.

The top winners in individual science fields were Ashford High School (Biology), Headland High School (Physics/Physical Science), and Ariton School (Chemistry).

The overall winners were Chipley High School in third place, Dothan High School in second place, and Ashford High School in first place.

The schools who competed this year were Abbeville High School, Ariton High School, Ashford High School, Chipley High School, Dothan High School, Emmanuel Christian, GW Long High School, Headland High School, Northside Methodist Academy, and Wicksburg High School. 

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