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Eufaula High School/WCC Offer Dual Enrollment


Eufaula, Ala.–Eufaula High School students have a new opportunity this fall through dual enrollment courses with Wallace Community College. Dual enrollment is a program where high school students can enroll in college courses and receive both college and high school credit for the same course. Students can be dual enrolled in college coursework without ever leaving the high school campus.

Wallace will offer English 101 (Freshman Composition) and History 201 (United States History) to Eufaula High School students during the first block of classes. The English course will be taught Tuesdays and Thursdays while the history course will be on Mondays and Wednesdays, allowing students to enroll in both courses. The sequential courses, English 102 and History 201, will be offered in the spring.

Dual enrollment allows students to transition into the college experience while getting a head start on their educational goals. EHS Junior Caleb Bush is taking his first dual enrollment class this fall. “I think the biggest challenge will be time management,” he remarked. Bush plans to attend Auburn University and someday become a family medicine physician.

“Taking a college class while you are in high school shows colleges that you are serious, motivated, and willing to challenge yourself,” said Ashley Klages, EHS history instructor. “Even better, it offers you an invaluable advance look at college academics and college life."

The courses are identical to the courses taught at the Sparks Campus with the same textbook and course content. Students must pay tuition and fees, which totals $396 for each three-credit hour course. Textbooks are not included.  No scholarships are available at this time. The courses are weighted the same as Advanced Placement, or AP, classes.

"My older sons both dual enrolled at WCC while attending EHS. They started Auburn with enough credits to be classified as sophomores after one semester, which allowed them to register earlier than their freshmen classmates and get the classes they wanted,” said Denis Padgett, English instructor. Padgett went on to emphasize that dual enrollment credits helps students stay on track and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in four years, without the added pressure of taking extra classes.

 Students may register for the course by contacting the EHS counselor for admissions forms, or contact the Wallace Community College dual enrollment coordinator, Lynn Lamere, at 334-556-2627, or via email at llamere@wallace.edu.  More information and forms regarding dual enrollment can be found at the Wallace Community College website, www.wallace.edu.


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