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Chris Anderson
Major: History

I chose Wallace Community College because it is close to home and the tuition is a lot more affordable than a major university. Wallace also has my program of study.

The field of study I have chosen is Engineering Graphics and Animation. I chose this major because I have always been curious and somewhat intrigued about the design process of residential homes and how those plans are created. The entire learning experience and the transition from high school has been a smooth one. I have truly enjoyed every teacher I have had at Wallace. They have all been very willing to help me progress through my classes. The instructor for the Career Technical Field I am studying has always been very helpful and truly shows his passion for what he does when he teaches, and that is something I think all students can appreciate. When they know the instructor truly loves what they do and also wants the student to succeed, everyone wins.

After graduation I have not decided if I will transfer to a university to obtain a degree for mechanical engineering or building and design. I may very well enter the workforce. One of the small projects we did in class was to look up our projected annual salary and employment opportunities for this area and abroad, promotion opportunities in our career field, etc. Whatever decision I make, I plan on it being a productive and successful one.

My first experience with a student group at Wallace College is the Diplomat program I am currently a part of. In the little time I have been a Diplomat I have experienced nothing short of a great time meeting new students already at the school and having the opportunity to influence prospective students to attend Wallace.

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