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MyWCC Story for Joshua Haskins


After receiving my GED, I was given a free class at the College. I enrolled as a college student and began to involve myself in the school's clubs. I realized that this College has a personal environment. I also saw that the tuition was low enough that I could finally start my dream of being in college. I don't think I chose Wallace as much as it chose me, and it gave me the opportunity I needed to succeed.

The thought of attending college was terrifying because I once felt I had to give it up. I thought about all the different people who seemed to have their whole life planned and prepared for. I definitely thought I wouldn't be able to relate to anyone here. I joined the Student Government Association, and became the Vice-President of the Baptist College Ministries. I quickly became driven, and more comfortable. I have been blessed by meeting teachers and faculty here who not only are culturally experienced, but balance being professional with being friendly. I am not positive what I want to be just yet, but as I take more classes here I feel closer and closer to making a decision.

I would love to work with computers. My father was a technological genius and I share his passion. I might transfer to Troy University (as many students here do), or go to another major university in Alabama. I plan to be a leader in a company that is innovative and state-of-the-art. With the scholarship opportunities here, I can accomplish it.

I was amazed at how much choice students have at Wallace. When you are a part of an organization here, you step into fresh opportunity. As the VP of the BCM, I have enjoyed leading and paving paths for future members. Our SGA puts on festivals for the students, and has had events for charity. I have even performed musically at one event. The groups here are very hands-on and equip students with leadership opportunities.

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