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Wallace Scholars Bowl Winner Answers Question in Tiebreak


Dothan, Ala. – Every year, Wallace Community College-Dothan Scholars Bowl brings the best of the best students to campus for intense academic competition. This year, the competition resulted in a tie between the top two teams. In order to win, one team had to answer one question.

It wasn’t easy.

Throughout the day, competing teams confidently answered questions in history, chemistry, anatomy, astronomy, and art, among other topics. Providence Christian School and Dothan High School earned a berth in the championship round and finished even at the end of regulation play.

The tiebreaking toss-up question to determine the winner tested their literary prowess. WCCD Scholar’s Bowl Host A.P. Hoffman asked the first tiebreak question: “Two of this author’s characters take names from animals in the game Extinctathon. This author wrote a novel set in the near-future Christian theonomy of Gilead, focused on the oppressed woman Offred. Name this Canadian author of Oryx and Crake and The Handmaid’s Tale.” That is a question.

Providence correctly answered the call and named author Margaret Atwood. The Providence team erupted with shouts of victory. It all came down to one question.

“This was a competition for the books,” said Mary Wiggins, WCCD recruiter. “It was an exciting tournament and exciting finish. Congratulations to all of the teams!”

Providence Christian School won first place with Dothan High coming in second. The Lakeside School came in third. Charles Hoekenga, a senior from Dothan High, was the leading scorer for the tournament and the winner of a Wallace Community College scholarship.

Abbeville Christian, Dothan High, Geneva County High, Headland High, Houston County High, The Lakeside School, Northside Methodist Academy, Providence Christian School, Samson High and Wicksburg High participated in this year’s tournament.

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