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Students may complete some or all of the general education (non-RPT) courses prior to admission to the Respiratory Therapist program.  Prior to unconditional program admission, students must be eligible for ENG101.  RPT courses in terms below are sequential and cannot be combined to shorten the length of the program.  All courses listed in the RPT curriculum must be completed with a “C” or higher.

First Term (Fall)

EMS100* Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation I 0-1
ENG101 English Composition I 3
ORI101 or 105** Orientation to College or Orientation and Student Success 1-3
RPT210 Clinical Practice I 2
RPT211 Introduction to Respiratory Care 2
RPT212 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care I 4
RPT213 Anatomy and Physiology for the RCP 3
RPT214 Pharmacology for the RCP 2
  TOTAL Credit Hours 17-20

Second Term (Spring)  
BIO201*** Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
MTH100 Intermediate College Algebra or higher 3
RPT220 Clinical Practice II 2
RPT221 Pathology for the RCP I 3
RPT222 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care II 4
RPT223 Acid/Base Regulation and ABG Analysis 2
  TOTAL Credit Hours 18

Third Term (Summer)  
BIO202 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ORI104 WorkKeys® Assessment and Advisement 1
RPT231 Pathology for the RCP II 3
RPT234 Mechanical Ventilation for the RCP 4
RPT241 Rehabilitation and Home Care for the RCP 2
  TOTAL Credit Hours 14

Fourth Term (Fall #2)  
CIS146**** Microcomputer Applications 0-3
PSY200 General Psychology 3
RPT230 Clinical Practice III 2
RPT232 Diagnostic Procedures for the RCP 2
RPT242 Perinatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care 3
RPT244 Critical Care Considerations for the RCP 2
  TOTAL Credit Hours 12- 15

Fifth Term (Spring #2)  
EMS266 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider 1
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective   3
RPT233 Special Procedures for the RCP 2
RPT240 Clinical Practice IV 4
RPT243 Computer Applications for the RCP 2
SPH106 or 107 Speech 3
  TOTAL Credit Hours 15

Total Required Program Credit Hours:    76

*Or current certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the health care provider level.

**ORI 101, Orientation to College, if applicable (required of first-time college students)

***Pre-requisite:  Completion of BIO103 with a “C” or higher or satisfactory performance on ACCS Biology Placement Exam.  Students   that have completed an Anatomy and Physiology course at WCC or another college and have received credit at WCC through the Office of Admissions and Records will not be required to complete BIO103 in order to meet curriculum requirements.

****CIS 146, Microcomputer Applications – 3 credit hour or competency in computer science by passing a computer competency exam