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Nuclear Engineering Technology (IAC)

(Wallace Campus)

Program Description:

Nuclear Technology - The Nuclear Technology program prepares individuals to apply scientific principles and technical skills in support of research scientists and operating engineers engaged in the running of nuclear reactors, and in nuclear materials processing and disposal.  The program includes instruction in basic nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, monitoring and safety procedures, radioactive materials handling and disposal, equipment maintenance and operation, and record keeping.  The program is made up of a planned sequence of courses that meet the defined educational requirements of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Uniform Curriculum Guide, which is standardized across the nation. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce in nuclear power plants as entry-level employees at the technician, maintenance, and non-licensed operator level.

Career Opportunities:

Nuclear Technology - In the College's service area and across the country, nuclear power is experiencing renewed growth.  The Nuclear Technology program prepares individuals for a stable, rewarding, and high-paying career in the nuclear power industry.  The programs provide a foundation for jobs in nuclear plant maintenance and non-licensed operations.

Skills Needed:

Nuclear Technology - Successful nuclear power technicians must possess strong communication and analytical skills, mechanical aptitude, good computer skills, the ability to read and interpret service manuals, an interest in keeping abreast of new technology, and a special desire to learn new service and repair procedures.

Expected Earnings/Salary:

Nuclear Technicians

Earnings as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook are as follows:

Nuclear Technology - Median hourly wages of science technicians in May 2008 were as follows:
  • In March 2009, the average annual salary in the Federal Government was $39,538 for electrical technicians, $55,527 for maintenance technicians, and $42,733 for other related nuclear technicians.

CATALOG INFORMATION (Course Requirements) (pdf)

Contact Information

Mr. Michael Hannon
Nuclear Technology Instructor
(334) 983-3521, ext. 2263
(334) 983-3521x2263 - Dothan