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My WCC Story


Brooke Windham
Major: Physical Therapist Assistant

I chose Wallace because it was close to home. Also, I had a softball scholarship for my first two years of study. Even without a scholarship, Wallace would have been a less expensive alternative.

I really enjoy being in the PTA program at Wallace. The teachers are amazing and are willing to help students with anything necessary to further their learning experience. The labs we use give us hands-on experience, and it really helps you understand the subject matter in a way that just reading a book could not. The reason I chose PTA is because I enjoy helping people, and I could stay involved with sports if I wanted to later on in life. WCC’s PTA program is respected for being an outstanding program, and it truly lives up to its reputation.

Hopefully after graduation, I will be able to obtain a job in the physical therapy realm in either Ozark or Dothan. I would love to be able to stay around this area instead of relocating to find a job.

I was a part of the softball team for two years, and now I am a diplomat for the school. Both of the groups have kept me involved with school and highly encouraged me to keep my grades high to be able to keep my scholarships. In the end, I am extremely glad that I have been involved in the school as long as I have been at Wallace.