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Welcome to Wallace Community College! We are happy that you are visiting our website.  We hope that you find all of the information you need to enroll here at WCC.

In keeping with the philosophy that capabilities of each individual student should be developed, Wallace Community College admits all students who have the capability to benefit from institutional programs and courses. This open-door policy grants admission to first-time college students, transfer students, transient students, audit students, early admission students, dual enrollment-dual credit students, international students, and students seeking readmission. The Admissions and Records Office is the unit responsible for administering all admissions policies and procedures for general admission to the College.

For admission to Wallace Community College, all applicants must provide one of the following:
  • One primary form of documentation, such as an unexpired Alabama driver’s license; an unexpired Alabama identification card; an unexpired U.S. passport; an unexpired U.S. permanent resident card; OR
  • Two secondary forms of documentation, one which must be a photo identification card other than those specified above AND one additional form of identification such as a Certificate of Naturalization; a Social Security card; a certified copy of a U.S. birth certificate

Applicants must submit the documentation identified above in person or through a notarized copy by U.S. Mail prior to registration for the first term of attendance.  Applicants who fail to satisfy the requirements identified above will not be admitted to Wallace Community College.

For admission to Wallace Community College, all male students between the ages of 18 and 26 must:
  • Show proof of registration with the U.S. Selective Service in accordance with Section 36-26-15.1 of the Code of Alabama of 1974, as amended.