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Innovation Grant

In fulfillment of their missions, both the Wallace Community College and the Wallace Community College Sparks Campus Foundation financially support College programs through the annual Innovation Grants program, which is open to all faculty and staff of the institution who are members of the Education Society ($150.00 annual gift to one of the Foundations).

Innovation Grant Application

WCC Mixson Enhancement for Excellence Award Application

Frequently Asked Questions about the Grant Program

Q. Of what does the application consist?
A. Each application must have a completed cover sheet, including all the necessary signatures. Applications should not be longer than six pages, including the cover sheet. Each application must include a clear description of the project, goals and objectives, a budget, expenditure timeline, and plans for securing future funding, if needed.

Q. Where can I find an application?
A. Applications are available online.

Q. What can or cannot be funded through a Foundation grant?
A. Grants are available for travel or associated costs, start-up costs, some limited costs for receptions, outreach materials, capital purchases, and honorariums for speakers, etc. No grant monies are available for staff and faculty salaries.

Q. Can I receive more than one grant in a single year?
A. No. You may submit one grant per year. In addition, the supervising dean must approve each grant application. He/She may choose not to endorse a grant, and the Foundation will not consider a grant that does not have the proper signatures.

Q. Do I have to be a full-time employee?
A. Yes, only current faculty and staff members employed by the college and who are members of the Education Society are eligible.

Q. How much money is usually awarded?
A. $1,500 is the maximum grant award. One grant is available for the Sparks Campus, and three grants are available for the Wallace Campus (including CEWD). Your campus designation determines the grant for which you can apply. However, faculty who teach at least two classes on a campus may elect to apply for that Campus’s Innovation Grant.

Q. When are the applications due?
A. Applications are due December 17, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. The applications can be mailed inter-office, delivered to the Foundation office, or emailed to Tracy Brooks, tbrooks@wallace.edu. The Foundation office is located in the Center for Economic and Workforce Development.

Q. If I receive a grant, how do I get the funds?
A. All grants are handled through the Foundation's accounting system. You will access funds via an assigned college account number if you are awarded a grant.

Q. If I receive support or help from other sources, do I still qualify for a Wallace Community College Foundation grant?
A. Yes, in fact, you are encouraged to find other sources of funding.

Q. How long do I have to use the funds?
A. Funds will be available for one calendar year (January 1 to December 30). Any unused funds will be reclaimed by the Foundation.

Q. If a granted project or program does not get started during the year, can I save the grant for the following year?
A. No, grants are awarded for one calendar year. Any unused funds are returned to the Foundation. You are welcome to reapply for the same project if you are unable to begin a project during the calendar year. Some exceptions to this rule may apply - contact the Foundation office to discuss.

Q. Are there any other requirements to receive grant funds?
A. Applications must be submitted by a currently employed staff or faculty member who is a member of the Education Society. If granted funds, applicants must submit a written report upon completion of the grant. Recipients may be asked to present their project or program at a Foundation Board meeting.

Also, to help the Foundation achieve our goals of increasing visibility on campus and in the larger community, we ask that you give recognition to the Foundation for financially supporting the project.

Q. If I have further questions, whom should I call?
A. Please call the Foundation office at (334) 556-2626 or e-mail tbrooks@wallace.edu if you need further assistance.