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How to Register with Web Registration:

  1. Click the WCC ONLINE  icon.
  2. Read the myWCC (formerly WCC Online) agreement page and click the I AGREE button.
  3. Enter your STUDENT NUMBER (NOTE: Social Security Number -- no dashes)
  4. Enter your PIN (NOTE: New students must see advisor prior to on-line registration to have PIN activated. The PIN is a 6 digit number.)
  5. Click LOGIN

To ADD a course to your schedule:
  1. Check to see if ADD is selected in the “action” drop-down box (system should default to ADD).
  2. Enter call number from tabloid OR click on SELECT COURSES and follow directions.
  3. Once the call number has been entered, click on ADD/DROP COURSE to schedule and advance to the next window.
  4. Continue selecting courses as outlined above.

To DROP a course from your schedule:
(This takes away any course that you previously added.)
  1. Select DROP in the “action” drop-down box.
  2. Enter the call number for the course you wish to drop.
  3. Click on ADD/DROP COURSE to remove the course from your schedule.

Continue the process of adding courses (or dropping them) until your schedule is complete.

When your schedule is complete, click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button. (NOTE: You have NOT been added to any class roll until you click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button. This is the most important step!)

You will now see a screen that provides information related to the tuition amounts that you are to pay for the schedule you have chosen.  Available Financial Aid coverage will also be displayed on the screen.

(NOTE: To complete the entire registration process, you must either pay OR charge the amount in the CASH DUE column by the due dates published by Wallace Community College. Failure to pay your tuition on time will result in removal from class.)

If you are satisfied with your schedule and are ready to charge or pay your tuition and fees Click on the "COMPLETE REGISTRATION" button again to advance to the payment window. If you are receiving 100% financial aid, follow the directions below for charging tuition. If you are paying tuition (any or all), see directions below for the payment option you wish to choose.

To CHARGE tuition (Pell grant, scholarship, etc.):
  1. The following message will appear when you click COMPLETE REGISTRATION: “Your financial aid coverage is 100%, would you like to complete your registration at this time? Click OK to complete or . . . select CANCEL.”
  2. If you click OK to complete your registration, no changes can be made to your schedule until the official drop/add period.

To PAY tuition with VISA or MasterCard using WCC Online:
  1. The following message will appear when you click COMPLETE REGISTRATION: “You are about to finalize the registration process, you will not be allowed to alter your selected classes afterwards. Are you sure you wish to do this?”
  2. Click OK if you wish to pay online by credit card (preferred method of payment).
  3. Complete the credit card payment information and follow the directions for submitting payment.

To PAY tuition BY MAIL using a personal check:

  1. Place your social security number and telephone number in the “For” portion of the check to ensure receipting to the proper account.
  2. Mail check to:
Wallace Community College
Business Office
1141 Wallace Drive
Dothan, AL 36303
Note: Payment by mail must be received no later than Friday, May 20, 2005.

To PAY tuition IN PERSON:
During regular office hours, visit the Business Office locations in Dothan, Eufaula, or Ft. Rucker to pay with cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard).

NOTE: Once tuition has been paid or charged, no changes can be made until the official drop/add period.