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Adult Education Policies

Enrollment Policies


  1. Students enrolled in the Adult Education Program are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Instructors will keep daily records of student attendance.
  2. Students must attend at least 80% of all classes during any given month.
  3. Students who exceed that number of absences may be dropped from the class roll.
  4. To drop students for excessive absences, the instructor will submit a “Notification of Drop” to the Director, who mails a copy of the form to the student.
  5. If unable to attend classes regularly, students should request to be withdrawn from the program.

    Standards of Progress

    All students enrolled in Adult Education classes must be making academic progress. Any student who attends class, but who does not demonstrate effort and is not academically productive, will be dropped from the program. Students will NOT be allowed to be idle during instructional time.

    Student Noncompliance

    Students will be dropped for noncompliance. It is expected that students will work cooperatively with the teacher, staff members, and with other class members. Uncooperative students will be dropped from the roll.


    1. After being dropped from the program, the student must wait 90 days before requesting reinstatement into the program. In order to reenter the program, the student will have to request reinstatement. 
    2. If the request for reinstatement is granted, the student may then be placed on a waiting list. Reinstatement will be on a space available basis. All first time entering students will be given priority and will be allowed to enter before students who request reinstatement.
    3. You are NOT guaranteed a space in class once you have been dropped.

      Code of Conduct

      This Code of Conduct is established to assure that all students enrolled in the Wallace Community College Adult Education Program are provided with a barrier free learning environment. Adult Education students are expected to be self-disciplined, to be able to work independently, and to be sufficiently motivated to begin and continue lessons without constant monitoring from the instructor.

      General Rules

      The following policies will be enforced:

      1. Students must arrive promptly and remain in class for the entire time.
      2. Students are to sign in upon arrival. Do not sign out until you are ready to leave. This is very important. Your teacher can NOT sign you in or out.
      3. As of August 22, 2011, Wallace Community College established a Tobacco-Free Policy on all its campuses. Students may not use tobacco in any form on any College property or in their cars.
      4. Your class has a scheduled break time. You are expected to be in the classroom at all times other than the designated break time.
      5. Use of the telephone on the premises must be reserved for emergencies only. Routine outgoing and incoming calls are prohibited. The use of cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices is prohibited unless approved by the instructor prior to use.
      6. No children are allowed in the classroom. Arrangements must be made in advance for child care.
      7. No visitors are allowed during instructional time. Instruction will be interrupted only in the event of injury or illness.
      8. Students are expected to cooperate with the teacher at all times. Obstruction or disruption of teaching will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with authority will result in suspension from classes.
      9. Instructional materials may NOT be removed from the class room. They are the property of the State Department of Education. These materials may not be checked out. Removal constitutes theft and may result in suspension.
      10. Destruction, damage, or misuse of College, public, or private property will not be permitted.
      11. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Fighting, cursing, and foul language are strictly prohibited. Clothing which is deemed disruptive will not be allowed.
      12. Physical abuse, verbal threats of violence, intimidation, and physical or mental harassment will not be tolerated.
      13. Inappropriate sexual conduct will not be allowed.
      14. Drinking alcoholic beverages or using any type of mind-altering drugs is not acceptable. Controlled substances, such as drugs and alcohol, are strictly prohibited. When students are suspected of being under the influence of these substances, the student will be sent home.
      15. Disruptive or disorderly conduct that interferes with the rights and opportunities of those who attend Wallace Community College Adult Education classes may result in suspension from the program.
      16. The above rules, when violated the first time, will result in a student’s suspension from the Wallace Community College Adult Education Program.
      17. A second violation may result in permanent dismissal from the program.

        Dismissal from the Program

        Possession of firearms or weapons of any kind is prohibited at the class site and in vehicles on campus. Students possessing weapons on campus will be dismissed from the class permanently. Students using a weapon, or any other instrument, with the intent to cause physical harm to another individual will be dismissed from the class permanently.
        Possession of any drug defined as illegal under local, state or federal law will lead to permanent dismissal from class.
        1. Fighting at the instructional site will not be tolerated.
        2. Physical violence will result in permanent expulsion from the program.
        3. Law enforcement will be summoned when deemed necessary in each of these circumstances.

          Driver's License Policy

          If you need documentation of your enrollment in the Wallace Community College Adult Education/GED Preparation Program for the Department of Public Safety, you must do the following:

          1. Attend the GED classes for at least 30 days without an absence. 
          2. Ask your teacher to complete a form which documents your attendance during that time. 
          3. Make an appointment to meet with the Adult Education Department, at Wallace Community College. You can do so by calling 556-2452. 
          4. Bring the following items with you:
                • Your driver’s license
                • The letter you received from the Department of Public Safety (if applicable) suspending your license
                • The form your teacher completed documenting your attendance

            Your continued attendance, productivity and policy compliance in this program is required. If you are dropped from the program the Department of Public Safety will be notified, and you will no longer be eligible to have a driver’s license.