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Developmental Math

The objective in developmental math is to develop and refresh the necessary arithmetic and algebraic competencies of students in order to succeed in MTH 100 and beyond.

This objective is carried out through the offering of the following Developmental Math courses:

MTH 090 (Basic College Mathematics) (3 SMH)
This is a developmental course reviewing arithmetic principles and computations designed to help the student's mathematical proficiency for selected curriculum entrance.

MTH 091/MTH 092 (Developmental Algebra I, II) (4 SMH)
This sequence of developmental courses provides the student with a review of arithmetic and algebraic skills designed to provide sufficient mathematical proficiency necessary for entry into Intermediate College Algebra.

MTH 098 (Elementary Algebra) (3 +1 SMH)
This course is a review of the fundamental arithmetic and algebra operations. The topics include the numbers of ordinary arithmetic and their properties; integers and rational numbers; the solving of equations; polynomials and factoring; and an introduction to systems of equations and graphs.

This course requires the co-requisite class MTH 080. Students registering for MTH 098 must also register for MTH 080.

Developmental mathematics courses are non-credit courses. Developmental mathematics courses do not transfer to university level institutions. The transferability of developmental mathematics courses is limited to community colleges in the state of Alabama and perhaps some other regional community colleges.  To meet accredetation standards for Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Wallace Community College (WCC) implemented its first its first Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  The focus of this QEP was a redesign of developmental mathematics.  

Developmental Math Course Format:
Currently, developmental math courses are offered in two classroom formats: Self-paced Emporium and Blended instruction.

Self-Paced Emporium:
In this classroom math lab format, the instructor does not have the traditional role of lecturing. Instead, all instruction and progress is made through a software platform known as ALEKS. This software allows students to begin and proceed through a class at a pace that they determine. Students are required to attend regularly scheduled class meetings but during those meeting times students are working through Modules designed by the faculty and staff. Each module has a completion requirement as well as a Module Test requirement. Students are guided by the directions of their individual instructor and are cautioned to maintain a minimum level of progress to insure course completion for a semester. Also, students will be strongly encouraged to accelerate their progress through Developmental Math and incentivized to do so through the offer of a Tuition Waiver for MTH 100 for those students who meet the necessary criteria.

Blended Instruction Format

For those students who are more comfortable in a slightly more “traditional” formatted class, MTH 098 is offered in a blended instructional format. In this class, the instructor does utilize class time for traditional class lectures. The class time is augmented with a Lab component in which students spend a small part of class meeting time working in the computer lab on class assignments. Technology and computers are still a necessary and vital component of this class. Students taking MTH 098 do not qualify for the MTH 100 tuition waiver opportunity.

Math Lab
WCC offers Math Labs on both campuses (Wallace Campus in Dothan and Sparks Campus in Eufaula). Both locations are open and available for students to use for assistance and work in numerous mathematics courses. Developmental math classes are held in these Math Labs but students working in other math courses (such as MTH100, MTH110, MTH116, MTH112, MTH113) may also use the Math Lab for assistance and its resources.

Math Lab Hours
Wallace Campus – Center for Academic Success (CAS) Room 116
Phone: 983-3521 ext 2351
Monday-Thursday   8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday   8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Sparks Campus – Building C
Phone: 687-3543 ext 4216
Monday-Thursday   8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Friday   8:00 am – 2:00 pm