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Science Decathlon

The ultimate mission of the Wallace Community College Annual Science Decathlon is to bridge the post-secondary science curriculum with middle and high school science programs in our local area while showcasing our facilities and the Natural Science Division. Through this annual event, we hope to create a passion for learning science concepts with real-world, hands-on, and engaging activities that promote problem-solving and cooperative team building strategies which students can use to compete at other levels (i.e. Science Olympiad, Scholars Bowl, etc.).

This annual event will be held in the Spring on the Wallace Campus in Dothan. The event focuses on applying science concepts in hands-on events, written exams, and a quiz bowl.


Registration for the Science Decathlon will run annually from October 15th to December 15th.  To register for the event please use the Registration Form.

Team Rosters

In addition to registering a team, each coach must fill out a roster for the competing team. Please download and complete rosters below.  After completion, please submit using the Roster Submission form no later than January 23rd. 

Division I Roster Form
Division II Roster Form


Please contact us at: sciencedecathlon@wallace.edu

Faculty Contacts

Kara Danner
   Kim Sonanstine