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Career and Technical Education

Thank you for your interest in Wallace Community College and its Career and Technical Education programs. These career-specific training programs lead to short certificates, long certificates, and the respective associate in applied science (AAS). Wallace offers many options for students to complete educational needs in keeping with their personal schedules. For example, while some students may move directly into an AAS program, others may choose to begin in a short certificate program that can be completed in one semester, knowing they can resume training at a later date to continue with a long certificate and/or AAS.

The beauty of career and technical education is the relatively quick turn-around time. Our programs prepare students for immediate employment in a variety of high wage, high demand and high skill careers. Input from local business and industry leaders ensures our programs are uniquely designed to meet the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s job market. This creates opportunities not only for new students but also for incumbent workers to improve skills for continued employment and success. These relationships also provide students with valuable industry connections that help secure employment upon graduation. In fact, many of our programs concentrate studies through special topic offerings, internship opportunities, and co-op programs. Students who work through internship or co-op programs often find employment in their chosen fields of study prior to graduation.

Wallace designed its career and technical training facilities with student success in mind. Instruction combines knowledge (theory) and performance (hands-on skills). The tools and equipment used in training meet or exceed industry standards, and many programs use of some of the most advanced instructional trainers and simulators available. Through simulation experiences, students develop and refine skills in a climate controlled and safe environment prior to moving into lab experiences designed to replicate the actual work environment. As the workplace around us changes, so does Career and Technical Education at Wallace Community College. We are committed to maintaining our programs with the most up-to-date technology in keeping with industry standards.

Currently the College offers training in sixteen entry-level career fields: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Automotive Technology, Auto Body Repair, Business Technologies, Cabinetmaking, Carpentry, Child Development, Cosmetology, Cosmetology-Nail Technology, Criminal Justice, Engineering Graphics and Animation, Electrical Technology, Industrial Maintenance Technology, Masonry, Small Engine Repair, and Welding Technology. Many of these programs include multiple concentrations students may select after completing a prescribed number of general education and technical core classes. Our professional, qualified faculty work hard to prepare graduates to pass applicable licensure and/or certification exams and to find gainful employment in the workforce.

Links provide specific information about each of our career and technical programs, as well as contact information for faculty and staff. We welcome visits to all our programs and encourage those interested to contact the College Admissions Office to schedule a tour.

Thank you again for your interest in the Career and Technical Education programs at Wallace Community College. Please know that we are ready to assist you in any way. My colleagues and I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you achieve your career goals.

William H. Sellers
Associate Dean, Career and Technical Education

The Career and Technical Education Division offers the following programs of study: