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COMPASS Preparation

Wallace Community College seeks to encourage and to assist students in making appropriate preparations for taking college placement exams for the purpose of academic placement. Our hope is that all students are placed appropriately in the courses that will do the most to insure their academic success. Preparing well for placement exams can enhance a student’s performance and thus proper academic placement. Higher academic placement can reduce the overall course load for students in their selected program, minimizing time and saving money.  For COMPASS test dates, please click here.

COMPASS Practice

  • English and Reading only: English and Reading Practice Exam (select "Practice COMPASS Writing" or "Practice COMPASS Reading" for options)
  • COMPASS Preview: Test Preview
  • Sample questions from ACT: COMPASS ACT (this site was created by the same company as COMPASS. (Select "For Students," then select “Sample Questions," and finally select the subject area: Math, Reading, or Writing Skills).

Mathematics Placement Exam Preparation

The Mathematics Department and Transitional Studies Division realize that many students struggle with mastering mathematics content. Our hope is to assist students in the preparation for taking the Mathematics Placement Exam. In order to assist in this objective the Mathematics Department and Transitional Studies Division has designed two preparation pathways.

Basic Preparation Pathway
This pathway includes two content practice exams which focus on mathematical skills in the following areas:
  1. Pre-Algebra knowledge and skills - Answer Sheet with Videos
  2. Algebra knowledge and skillsAnswer Sheet with Videos
These two practice test documents are accompanied by answer documents and links to videos showing all problems worked out for both tests.

Detailed Preparation Pathway
A more comprehensive and detailed pathway for placement exam preparation comes in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This MOOC is free and always available online. It contains content modules of instruction which will guide a student through essential mathematical skills and knowledge from Pre-Algebra through Elementary Algebra. Students who conscientiously progress through this MOOC should find themselves well prepared for taking the math placement exam.

MOOC Registration Information
In order to use the detailed path for COMPASS Placement Prep students should consider working through the content of this MOOC. This will require the student to register and secure a login using the following link:

To register, click on the "Register as a new student" link from the link above.  You will need a Course ID and an Enrollment Key during registration to access the course. Select the option "My teacher gave me a course ID" and use the following information:

Course ID: 2248
Enrollment Key: Wallace MOOC

Directions on how to proceed through the MOOC will be given within the class site once you have registered for the appropriate class.