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High School Leaders convene for 2019 Summit at Wallace Community College


Area high schools visited Wallace Community College Dothan Tuesday, October 22, for the 2019 Leadership Summit.
Students listened to guest speakers and participated in leadership activities throughout the day.
Hayley Watts, a Cottonwood High School junior, said after listening to the first guest speaker, Wesiona Walker, that she felt empowered and motivated.
“So far, I’ve learned that I have a purpose, and not to give up, don’t let my past define me, and it’s never too late to get back in there and start pursuing [my goals],” Watts said. “I’m expecting to take away a good leadership opportunity, learn some things about myself and the steps that I need to take to pursue the things I want to pursue.”
Watts said her future goals are to get an undergraduate degree in business communication, and eventually go back to school to earn her law degree and one day work in corporate law.
“It’s a good experience to meet new people and see other future leaders in our community,” Watts said.
Denese Adams, a counselor at Barbour County High School, also said it’s a chance for the students to make connections.
“The importance of today is to introduce our students to other students who are on the leadership track locally and community wise,” Adams said. “This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids to come out and experience other leaders like themselves and let them know that they’re not the only ones that are involved in leadership, and experience what it takes to be a leader.”
Maxine Anderson, the Gear Up site facilitator for Barbour County High School, said she was excited to be able to bring their students to the summit.
“It helps them to become well rounded and connect them with things that’s going on around them,” Anderson said. “Some of our students are seniors and they’ll be graduating, and when they go out in to the real world, it’s so important that they connect so that they can make the right decisions and think outside the box.”
The High School Leadership Summit helps students to determine what kind of leaders they are and how to mature their leadership skills. The event was sponsored by the WCCD Student Government Association.

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