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Wallace Students Receive CARES Act Funding


In this extraordinary time of change and nontraditional solutions, Wallace students recently completed spring semester with new computer skills and redefined concepts of social interaction – at a distance. Due to the interruption in their schooling, Congress passed the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) on March 27 to assist students in covering the unexpected costs of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Wallace received $1,827,879 for direct student aid.

Eligible students will receive disbursements of $585, which can be used to offset educational costs, food, housing, course materials, health care, childcare, and other expenses.

“Our students have shown a resilience and the initiative to adapt that will help them succeed in their studies during this crisis,” said WCC President Linda Young. “This ability will also assure their future success when plans change and they need to adjust to new ones. We believe that the CARES Act funding will help our students with unexpected expenses during this time of insecurity so they can concentrate on their education.”

The College used the method of selection based on U.S. Department of Education eligibility protocol. To be eligible, students had to be enrolled in a degree or certificate program and had to be taking at least one traditional course that transitioned to an online format after March 16. Additionally, students must be a PELL recipient or PELL eligible. Dual enrollment, incarcerated students, and online students do not qualify.

The disbursements will benefit almost 3,000 students at Wallace.  The College will begin distributing funds via check by mail or direct deposit to students’ accounts this month.


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