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The Center for Writing and Writing Instruction

George C. Wallace Community College is a two-year college with two campuses in the Wiregrass area of southeastern Alabama. The College offers both academic and technical degree and certification programs, and both campuses develop and enhance programs to meet the needs of changing marketplaces in our areas. These goals and the desire to enhance student learning and engagement inspired our eventual Title III grant funding award, which allowed us to officially open the doors of the Center for Writing and Writing Instruction (CWWI) in March of 2014. Our two Writing Center (formally titled as The Writing Center by our institution) locations exist within the office of CWWI, which is essentially its own department. We house one Writing Center (a tutoring site) and Writing Lab (a larger computer lab used for classes and individual student writing) on each campus. Each Center employs a full-time coordinator who tutors, manages the day-to-day operation of the center, and supervises the mix of both peer and professional tutors who work at one or both of our campuses.
The initial idea and framework for The Writing Center were developed through our Title III grant, which awarded over $1.5 million in 2013 to increase student retention through the creation of The Writing Center, an Enhanced English 101 course that The Writing Center would support through required tutoring of students, a Lab space in which our developmental English students would receive extra support one hour a week, and faculty support in writing, and developing a Writing Across the Curriculum or Writing in the Disciplines (WAC/WID) program on both campuses during the grant period and beyond. Our policy guidebook and most recent Authorization Letter from the Department of Education are posted below for further review into our practices.

We believe in creating a culture of writing on campus and are continuing to develop sustainable programs where students feel welcomed, encouraged, and empowered by their writing and are presented with opportunities to engage others in writing, including faculty. Beyond tutoring, we provide assistance to instructors and to empower them to develop writing assignments that are both purposeful as they relate to course material and engaging as they teach students about writing in their respective disciplines. We also use our Writing Center and campus spaces to make connections between writing and other activities students might be interested in—reading, board games, comic books, creative writing, open mic music performances and poetry readings, current events, etc. We believe that such options, opportunities, and support for student writing on campus will nurture the culture that we want to create; a culture where students feel that writing isn’t a scary, boring, or awful thing that must be avoided, but rather it is a chance to try something new and an opportunity to realize the potential that they have to communicate in different arenas through academic, professional, and social writing support.

Policy Guidebook

Authorization Letter