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Faculty Resources

We at the Center for Writing and Writing Instruction (CWWI) compiled these writing resources to help serve as a source of initial support for each of you. We hope that you find them useful as you prepare your writing prompts, assignment instructions, grading materials or rubrics, classroom activities and discussions, and peer review sessions, as well as the many other ways that you each incorporate writing into your courses. Please know that we would be happy to help find additional resources or work with you to further enhance writing in your courses.

We look forward to continuing the successful partnerships that we have been able to create together, as well as any future opportunities to collaborate and further enhance writing support for all Wallace students. Thank you of your continued willingness to share your stories and the opportunity to work with your students!

Resources for Top Ten Courses

Sample Assignments & Rubrics for Top Ten Courses

Articles, Rubrics, & Handouts

Benefits of Using Peer Review Across Disciplines
Faculty Worksheet for Designing Engaging Writing Assignments
Gallery of Effective Short Assignments in Multiple Disciplines
Keeping Student Writing at the Center for Your Class
Responding to Writing with Faculty
Sample Rubric from Nursing Course
Sample Rubric from Philosophy Course
Writing Across the Curriculum Article
Written Communication VALUE Rubric

Classroom Activities

Guidelines for Writing Center Consulting and Peer Review Worksheet
In-Class Writing Exercises
Peer Review Handout Guide
Spelling out tips for reading, writing, life
Ten Ways to Start Discussion in Class
Using Writing to Learn in Your Classes
Ways to Check for Student Understanding in Class


Click here to access a list of helpful video resources.