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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Wallace Community College Enhancement Plan (QEP) emerged from an on-going and broad –based conversation with College stakeholders, including faculty and staff members, administrators, students and the community. The goal of our QEP is to improve student performance and success rates in developmental mathematics courses by redesigning Basic Mathematics (MTH 90), Developmental Algebra I (MTH 091) and Developmental Algebra II (MTH 092).

To achieve this transformational goal, the QEP focused upon the following objectives:
  1. To ensure that knowledge and skills learned in developmental mathematics courses are adequate for success in the gateway mathematics course, Intermediate Algebra (MTH 100)
  2. To establish programs and services to strengthen students’ mathematics skills and knowledge
  3. To implement tools, practices and methods enabling students to improve their study habits in mathematics courses.
The QEP was first implemented on the Sparks Campus for the 2011-2012 academic year. The following year 2012-2013 it was fully implemented on both the Sparks campus and the Wallace campus. The focus of the QEP was a complete transformation of pedagogy for all developmental mathematics courses. Prior to the implementation of the QEP developmental mathematics courses were delivered in a traditional face to face lecture model. Developmental math courses are now being offered through a mastery-based, self-paced, emporium model under the QEP redesign.

This new model allows greater flexibility for students and instructors. Students are to work at their pace through the required modules seeking assistance from instructors and peer tutors when needed. This self-paced model allows students to accelerate through their developmental mathematics obligations. Many students routinely complete 2 developmental mathematics courses in a single term. The introduction of a tuition waiver for MTH 100 encouraged even more students to complete their developmental mathematics courses more quickly.

The following annual reports reflect the progress of the QEP from is implementation to its conclusion.