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All courses listed in the EMS curriculum must be completed with a “C” or higher.

First Term
EMS241 Paramedic Cardiology 3
EMS242 Paramedic Patient Assessment 2
EMS243 Paramedic Pharmacology 1
EMS244 Paramedic Clinical I 1

TOTAL Credit Hours       7

Second Term
EMS245 Paramedic Medical Emergencies 3
EMS246 Paramedic Trauma Management 3
EMS247 Paramedic Special Populations 2
EMS248 Paramedic Clinical II 3

TOTAL Credit Hours        11

Third Term
EMS253 Paramedic Transition to the Workforce 2
EMS254 Advanced Competencies for Paramedics 2
EMS255 Paramedic Field Preceptorship 5
EMS256 Paramedic Team Leadership 1

TOTAL Credit Hours              10

Total Program Credit Hours:   28