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Upward Bound Tutor Request

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In the UB handbook, it states the following:

* Maintain a high C (75+) average in academic core classes.  All students are expected to maintain a high C (75+) average in each of their academic core classes.  Any student who has a low C (74 or below) in math, science, English, or history is required to attend tutoring and demonstrate progress in bringing up his/her grade.  Failure to attend tutoring may result in the student’s dismissal from Upward Bound. 

 * If you have a 74 or below in any of your core classes, click the link below to download/print the tutor request form. Please fill out all required information on the Tutor Request form and email it to Once completed, students will be contacted by a TRiO Professional Tutor to schedule an appointment. Thanks!