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(Available until Fall 2019)

First Term (Fall Semester I)

BIO201* Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
ENG101 English Composition I 3
HPS105 Medical Terminology 3
SUR101 Introduction to Surgical Technology 3
SUR102 Applied Surgical Technology 4

TOTAL Credit Hours 17

Second Term (Spring Semester)

BIO202        Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
MTH100 or Higher          Intermediate College Algebra 3
SUR103 Surgical Procedures 5
SUR108 Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist 2
  TOTAL Credit Hours 

Third Term (Summer Term)

CIS146*** Microcomputer Applications or computer competency 3
SUR104 Surgical Practicum 4
SUR107 Surgical Anatomy and Pathophysiology 3

TOTAL Credit Hours 

Fourth Term (Fall Semester II)

SUR105 Surgical Practicum II 5
SUR203 Surgical Procedures II 1
Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3

TOTAL Credit Hours 9

Fifth Term (Spring Semester II)

SUR106 Role Transition for the Surgical Technologist 1
SUR204 Surgical Practicum III
SUR205  Surgical Practicum IV

TOTAL Credit Hours

Total Program Credit Hours:    60

*Pre-requisite:  Completion of BIO103 with a “C” or higher or satisfactory performance on ACCS Biology Placement Exam, prior to beginning the SUR program, if applicable.  Students that have completed an Anatomy and Physiology course at WCC or another college and have received credit at WCC through the Office of Admissions and Records will not be required to complete BIO103 in order to meet curriculum requirements.

**ORI 101, Orientation to College, or ORI105, Orientation and Student Success, if applicable (required of first-time College students)?
**Certification in Basic Cardiopulmonary Life Support (BCLS) for the health care provider is required prior to the fourth week of semester one. This may be obtained at the College through enrollment in EMS 100 or at any other approved agency or facility.

***CIS 146, Microcomputer Applications – 3 credit hour or competency in computer science by passing a computer competency exam