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Will the I.R.S. need to collect more taxes to pay for a new healthcare prescription bill? How much additional revenue will earn if it builds a new distribution center? Should you buy the more useful yet expensive SUV or the compact car with the great mileage? These are all questions of economics.

Economics is the branch of social science that studies how individuals, businesses, and governments choose to use limited or scarce resources in the effort to meet the demand for things they want to consume. It considers the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services at the governmental, corporate, and individual levels.

Economics courses at Wallace Community College (WCC) allow students to examine how human behavior, beliefs, structures, constraints, and needs impact economic decision making. Students study theories such as supply and demand, competition and monopoly, and market equilibrium, among many others.

A strong knowledge of economics allows you to analyze and understand current market trends and economic structures within society and helps you to become a more well-informed participant in the political process.

Although Economics is part of the Business Technologies Division at WCC, economics courses meet social and behavioral science requirements (Area IV) for the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees.

Economics Learning Outcomes

Course Descriptions

Economics Instructor

Delmar Smith B.S., M.B.A. Troy University
Director, Business Technologies Division
Phone Number:  (334-556-2450)