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Students may complete some or all of the general education (non-EMS) courses prior to admission to the paramedic program. Prior to participation in Advanced EMT clinical (EMS156), students must have successfully completed an EMT program and possess an Alabama EMT license. **Prior to entering the Paramedic phase (Third Term) students must possess a valid Alabama AEMT license and have completed BIO201.** MTH100, ENG101, SPH106/107, and CIS146 or validation of computer competency must be completed prior to enrollment in the final term of Paramedic courses. EMS courses are sequential and cannot be combined to shorten the length of the program. All courses listed in the EMS curriculum must be completed with a “C” or higher.

First Term
CIS146* Microcomputer Applications or computer competency 0-3
EMS241 Paramedic Cardiology 3
EMS242 Paramedic Patient Assessment 2
EMS243 Paramedic Pharmacology 1
EMS244 Paramedic Clinical I 1
ENG101 English Composition I 3
MTH100 Intermediate College Algebra 3
ORI101 or ORI105**  Orientation to College or Orientation and Student Success  1-3 

TOTAL Credit Hours          14-19

Second Term
EMS245 Paramedic Medical Emergencies 3
EMS246 Paramedic Trauma Management 3
EMS247 Paramedic Special Populations 2
EMS248 Paramedic Clinical II 3
SPH106 or SPH107      Speech 3
ORI104  WorkKeys Assessment and Advisement   1

TOTAL Credit Hours              15

Third Term
EMS253 Paramedic Transition to the Workforce 2
EMS254 Advanced Competencies for Paramedics 2
EMS255 Paramedic Field Preceptorship 5
EMS256 Paramedic Team Leadership 1

TOTAL Credit Hours              10

Total Program Credit Hours:    39

*CIS 146, Microcomputer Applications – 3 credit hour or competency in computer science by passing a computer competency ex

**ORI 101 or ORI105 or orientation to college transfer credit is required for all students