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Chris Anderson
Major: History

I originally chose Wallace Community College because it is close to home and a lot more affordable. My perspective has changed and now I see that Wallace is truly the best place to be because of its mission for student success.

My learning experience at Wallace has been an interesting one and is really one of the driving factors to why I am going into the education field. I have always been passionate about education and I knew teaching was a serious career field for me, but when I got to Wallace I truly fell in love with the two-year community college system. The environment is different from high school in that it presents a more professional real world setting but is also not as intimidating as that of a university. The faculty and staff are exceptionally supportive in what the students do and really create an atmosphere that fosters growth and development inside as well as outside the classroom.

now I am taking all of my general study classes that I can take while I am at Wallace. Then I plan to transfer to Auburn to obtain my Bachelor's degree in General Social Science Education/History. Afterwards I will get my Master's degree in History. I will do some high school teaching after I have my bachelor's to gain some experience then after I have my Masters I hope to move up to the community college level and become a history instructor.

While at Wallace I have been a member of the Leadership Development Program and I am currently the president of the Rotaract club on campus. It has caused nothing but significant positive growth for me being in these groups and being involved in student activities as a whole really does improve the college experience.

Kidney Transplant Leads Jason Whitman to Wallace


Jason Whitman was given a second chance at life and a career when he received a new kidney last year. When Whitman was 19 and serving in the Marines, he learned that he had Polycystic Kidney Disease. The disease, which causes cysts to form in the kidneys and slowly decreases their function, first showed up when he was doing exercises in the Marines.