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Upward Bound Testimonials


What Upward Bound did for me.
Maudell Morris

I have been in Upward Bound for three years, beginning my sophomore year in high school. Upward Bound has done a lot for me. It taught me about hard work and how to work for what you need and want out of life. It taught me how to have fun, but also how to be serious about your education. I would truly say that Upward Bound has changed my life. The staff of Upward Bound really cares about you and your education. Two years ago, my father passed away and I was very depressed. Mrs. Pearl and Mrs. Britt came to my house to see about me. I never in my life felt so loved. If it wasn’t for Upward Bound, I would not have experienced new places outside Barbour County. I have been to Tennessee, The Golden Flake Factory, The Civil Rights Museum, and other places. To the new Upward Bounders – be serious and take advantage of what Upward Bound has to offer. Everybody can’t be in Upward Bound and you all are lucky that you made it into this program. This is what Upward Bound has done for me.