Wallace Community College Speakers Bureau offers informative programs and presentations for civic organizations, special interest groups, church groups or high school classes. Through the Speakers Bureau, the Wallace Community College faculty and staff share their interests and expertise with groups in Southeast Alabama and throughout the Wiregrass Area.

Requests should be submitted at least two weeks in advance. If you are interested in a topic that is not listed, please call the Public Relations and Marketing office at (334) 556-2387.

Speakers come free of charge, unless otherwise noted. However, we do ask that you reimburse the speaker for round-trip transportation, to be agreed upon when booking the appointment. Requests for long-distance trips may include additional charges.

Special note to high school teachers and guidance counselors:
Many speakers can arrange their schedules for daytime presentations. Our office can determine availability with speakers.

Check back occasionally for updated speakers listing.

For more information or to schedule a speaker, contact Taylor Wheeler at  (334) 556-2387 or twheeler@wallace.edu.

B.S., Liberty University, M.S., Troy State University, JD, Faulkner University


Leadership Initiatives for 2020

B.S., M.S., Troy State University


Pack Their Parachute: Ways to Prepare Middle and High School Students for the “Jump” into Post-Secondary Education. This presentation focuses on ways to prepare secondary students to transition into post-secondary courses, with special emphasis on preparation for science courses. Pedagogy and study strategies are just a few of the topics discussed in this presentation.

Prior to her tenure at Wallace Community College, Mrs. Fischer was a junior high school teacher in the Enterprise City School System and was selected as Teacher of the Year. At Wallace, Mrs. Fischer teaches both biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology in addition to her duties as Natural Sciences Division Director.

A.A.S., Enterprise State Junior College; B.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham; M.A., The University of Alabama


Radiologic Technology and other healthcare topics. 

A.A., Chipola College; B.S., M.S., Florida State University


Speech and Theatre – Ms. Granberry has experience in public speaking, communication methods for the classroom, and theatre education. As a graduate student, she completed rhetorical research published in Dr. Stan Lindsay’s, Expanded Kenneth Burke Concordance. Prior to her tenure at Wallace Community College, she was a middle school teacher in the Jackson County School system and was selected as Jackson County’s Rookie Teacher of the Year. She is a volunteer judge for oratorical competitions.

B.S., Troy University; M.S.Ed., Ed.S., Auburn University


Library Science and Virtual Resources Research – Communicating Library and using researching in a virtual world.

BS, University of South Alabama; MS, University of Florida; MS, PhD, Florida State University


Improving Science and Technical Education through Laboratory Enhancements – Explore the innovative approach of integrating technical and academic instruction. Using cutting-edge equipment such as an infrared spectrometer and an AC/DC electronics trainer in “blended” areas of academic and technical education where criminal justice students learn state of the art analytical techniques on a spectrometer typically limited to chemistry instruction, and academic students learn electricity concepts on a trainer normally used in electrical technology instruction.

BS, MBA, Troy State University-Dothan


Computer Information Topics:

Identity Theft – What Is It and How to Protect Yourself.
Career Exploration – 
Matching Personality to Careers.
Safety in a Cyber World – 
What Teachers, Parents, and Children Should Know.

A.A.,Wallace Community College; AS, Wallace Community College; B.A., M.A., The University of Alabama


Sound of Change in American Popular Music
 – Examining the synthesis of popular music and race music in post-war America.

B.S., M.P.A., Troy State University; Ed.D., The University of Alabama


Mobilizing Others to Action – This presentation, developed initially for the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership conference, focuses on several premises as to how an individual is motivated and how leaders can best serve other’s needs by motivating them to succeed. Mr. Spry uses this presentation each semester with Troy University’s Leadership Development students and annually at Youth Leadership Dothan’s personal development/education day. He has also presented on various leadership topics at Alabama’s HOBY seminar and the national training institute for HOBY, held annually in Houston, TX.

Animal Personality Profile — As a leader, knowing how your personality meshes with others is instrumental to effective leadership. In this presentation, Mr. Spry helps you determine what type of “animal” you are by learning the strengths and strengths and weaknesses of your specific personality type, and how your personality type tendencies and preferences interact with other “animals.”

B.S., Troy University-Dothan; M.S. Troy University-Dothan; Ed.S., Troy University-Dothan


Topics including Adult Education and GED Preparation.

B.S., Troy University


Public Relations and Marketing for Today’s Student

B.S., M.S., Troy State University; Ph.D., Auburn University


Grants and Strategic Partnerships – Dr. Wilkins has extensive experience in writing and securing grants that will give your group ideas on how to secure funding.
Leading from the Middle – This is an interactive presentation that focuses on showing employees how they can be leaders no matter what roles they play in institutions/organizations.