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Developed by ACT®, which created America's most widely accepted college entrance exam, the WorkKeys® system provides employers, schools, students and community organizations with a common language for building a higher-skilled, higher-paid workforce. WorkKeys stresses skills development important for virtually every type of job or career imaginable.

The WorkKeys system uses job profiling, combined with assessments, instructional guidance, and reporting to help students and workers identify their strengths and weaknesses as they pursue their education and career goals. Students who participate in WorkKeys at WCC can use an online tutorial, KeyTrain®, to improve skills in five areas. Together, WorkKeys and KeyTrain can help students – and employers – make appropriate decisions about career paths and job candidates.

What can I do with my WorkKeys scores?

Be Qualified for Bronze, Silver, or Gold State Career Readiness Certificate
The state-issued certificate is a portable credential you can take anywhere in the country to show employers your specific employability skills. The state certificate is recognized by employers nationwide, as it has the national seal on it.

Be Certified as a Highly Qualified Teacher’s Assistant
Alabama teaching paraprofessionals have the option of taking WorkKeys assessments to meet the requirements for being “highly qualified” as set forth by NCLB legislation.

Receive Training

WorkKeys helps educators and businesses work together to ensure that students leave school prepared for real jobs in the real world. WCC Career Technical students are required to take the WorkKeys assessments in the ORI 104 class before graduating.

Obtain Necessary Skills for Employment

WorkKeys is one of many criteria businesses use in the selection of new hires and in making promotion decisions.

For additional information about WorkKeys, call (800) 543-2426, ext. 2414 or (334) 556-2414