Welcome Students!

We offer flexible class schedules at various locations that allow you to choose a class that works for you. See our class schedule to help find the class you need. Face to face classes are provided throughout Houston, Henry, and Barbour counties.

The following services are included with our GED® prep classes:

  • FREE instructional assistance to help you prepare to take the GED®.
  • Customized, individualized and targeted instruction to maximize your learning experience.
  • Instructional materials are provided at no cost to you.
  • Tuition assistance is provided for the GED Ready practice test and the GED® test when you meet specific requirements.
  • One FREE college course can be earned by passing the GED® test.

Types of GED® prep classes:

  • Hybrid courses consisting of a combination of face to face and online
  • 100% online courses (eligibility will be determined at orientation)
  • GED® Fast Track (eligibility will be determined at orientation)

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