Surgical Technology Learning Objectives

Cognitive Domain (simple to complex):

  • Knowledge– recalling information
  • Comprehension- restating information
  • Application– use the information in a new way
  • Analysis- separates concepts into parts to understand
  • Synthesis – creating new patterns
  • Evaluation – making judgments regarding concepts

Psychomotor Domain (simple to complex):

  • Perception – uses sensory cues to guide skill performance
  • Set- readiness to demonstrate a skill
  • Guided Responses – early skills practice using limitation
  • Mechanism – intermediate skills practice with some confidence and proficiency
  • Complex Overt Response – skills demonstrating complex movement patterns
  • Adaptation– modification of skills to meet special requirements
  • Origination – creating new skills patterns

Affective Domain (simple to complex):

  • Receiving – paying attention
  • Responding – acceptance and commitment to a concept
  • Organization – comparing, relating, and synthesizing values
  • Internalizing Values – consistent and predictable demonstration of a value