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Programs of Study

Dear Students,

Wallace Community College (WCC) is authorized to award associate in arts, associate in science, and associate in applied science degrees as well as certificates in career, technical, and occupational programs. These degrees and certificates are obtained by students successfully completing a series of courses called a program of study. The primary objective of Wallace Community College is to meet the needs of students. These needs most often are met by degrees and certificates offered by the College. Programs of study at WCC are divided into three distinct areas in the Instructional Affairs division: General Academics, Health Sciences and Career Technical. We invite you to look through our offerings to find your best fit. For assistance, we have one of the most informative online sites for local workforce statistics. You can search by degree options to find a career that best meets your interests, and check on salaries and employment trends for this area also. This site is ‘Career Coach’, and can be found at www.wallace.edu/career_coach under Student Services, and then Counseling.

WCC was chosen as one of only three community colleges around the nation as a National Bellwether Finalist in 2015, as well as one of top three finalists in the American Association of Community Colleges’ Awards of Excellence in 2016, both in the category of faculty innovation. This type national recognition is evidence that WCC faculty are some of the most highly trained educators in postsecondary education. Their commitment to total student development through maximum engagement in the learning process, relevant instruction, and supportive relationships, continues to provide an environment where constant and never-ending improvement virtually guarantees success. Their commitment statement serves as written documentation to the extraordinarily high standards they have set for themselves. The vision statement for the Instructional Affairs division (link provided) also provides clear direction, with a focus on the ultimate objective of all our courses and programs of study, developing the total student. As lifelong learners, faculty set the example for all students to follow.

As Dean of Instructional Affairs, I welcome you to the training grounds for student success, Wallace Community College. The empowerment you will experience as a student at Wallace Community College will allow you to push well beyond any self-perceived limitations you may have, and with a confidence reserved only for those willing to extend themselves past their comfort zone. Backed by an extensive array of student support services, Wallace Community College is committed to doing whatever it takes to assist you in achieving your goals! Although your personal student success is our mission, we fully realize the power of generational success, that success that is multiplied through others because of the inspiration they receive from your efforts. This is precisely why our faculty live by the saying…”Folks don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!
  Leslie Reeder, Dean of Instructional Affairs

"The best way to get more than the average person has, is to be willing to do more than the average person is willing to do!"

To parents, employers, and taxpayers of Alabama,

“We do not do educate because it is easy, we do it because it must be done! We have chosen, not to just teach academic or technical skills, but to take on the challenge of developing the total 21st century student. Thank you for entrusting us with this enormous responsibility and be confident that after 15 weeks (one semester) we will return to you a student who is better able to think for themselves, more confident in their abilities, and who understands the concept of a lifelong learner committed to constant and never-ending improvement. Give us another semester and we will build upon the educational foundations of the previous term, producing a student who understands the principles of personal responsibility, the dignity of work, and the value of education. By the time their degrees are earned, these students will understand the role they play as productive and skilled members of the workforce and in improving the quality of life for their family, their community, and their nation. But most of all, they will remember the ones that empowered them to achieve that which they may have thought impossible at times…the Wallace Community College faculty, second-to-none in postsecondary instruction!!
  Leslie Reeder, Dean of Instructional Affairs