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Developmental Studies  

Mission Statement:
The mission of Developmental Studies is to inspire and facilitate learning in order to prepare students for academic success in college and assist in their development as life-long learners.

The Developmental Studies Division seeks to carry out its mission through the strengthening of each student’s academic foundation in reading, writing and mathematics. This mission is guided by the following goals:
  1. To provide an active and supportive learning environment conducive to self-motivation, while facilitating the empowerment that comes from success beyond self-imposed limitations.
  2. To assist students in the development of skills, traits and habits which lead to success in the workplace.
  3. To insure the development of fundamental academic competencies in reading, critical thinking, writing and computational skill.
Organization of Developmental Studies
Developmental Studies focuses its efforts through two domains of academic classes:
Placement Testing Procedures and Protocols
Students are assigned to developmental classes through Alabama Community College System placement testing procedures. Students should view their assignment to a developmental class as an honest appraisal of their need to develop or refresh foundational knowledge in order to succeed in college level courses. The assignment to a developmental class should not be viewed in a negative fashion. WCC does offer opportunities for accelerating out of some developmental class assignments reducing both a time and cost demand for students who wish to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Developmental Studies Faculty

Cathy Ray 
Math Faculty, QEP Director, Director of Developmental Studies
Office: CAS 103
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2381
Email: cray@wallace.edu 

Carla Cribbs 
Math Faculty, Developmental Math Discipline Chair
Office: CAS 113
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2502
Email: ccribbs@wallace.edu

Jennifer Forrester 
Math Faculty
Office CAS 103
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2275
Email: jforrester@wallace.edu

Holly Johnson
English Faculty, Developmental English Discipline Chair
Office: CAS 141
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2276
Email: hjohnson@wallace.edu

Developmental Studies Support Staff

Laura Bridges
Math Lab Director
Office: CAS 112
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2428
Email: lbridges@wallace.edu

Michelle McInnis
Academic Coach
Office: CAS 104
Phone: 983-3521 ext. 2215
Email: mmcinnis@wallace.edu