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Program Mission Statement

The Department of Biology at Wallace Community College provides a curriculum designed to address the diverse interests of today's student population. The mission of this Department is to provide a foundation of quality education for transfer biology majors, allied health and medical pre-professionals, and general education students. The program encourages students to be life-long learners and to place their knowledge of biology in a frame of reference enabling them to become productive, active participants in our society. In support of this mission, the Biology Department maintains an ongoing effort to provide a modern well-equipped physical plant and a diverse, articulate, scholarly, up-to-date faculty dedicated to providing the best possible two-year education in biology.


Janet Bradley
(334) 556-2487
Kara Danner   (334) 556-2232
Julie  Fischer
  (334) 556-2554
Cynthia Robinson
  (334) 556-2413 
Kimberly Sonanstine
  (334) 556-2408 
L. Todd Tolar    (334) 556-2376
Joni Brown   (334) 556-2637

Biology Program Level Outcomes

The Department of Biology supports the college wide General Education Outcomes in addition to the following Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree program level outcomes:
  • College-level skills in critical reading and thinking.
  • Information Literacy – having the ability to successfully retrieve and manage information through traditional means, efficient use of technology, and computer literacy.
  • An ability to use scientific reasoning and scientific methods to make observations, to answer questions, and to gather and interpret data.
  • The ability to (1) compute college-level mathematical operations accurately, (2) comprehend mathematical information, and (3) utilize quantitative thinking skills to solve problems.


Click on course name for course descriptions as well as any pre-requisites.
The detailed requirements for each of the programs and transfer guides offered through the Natural Science Division are found in the Wallace Community College Catalog and Student Handbook. You may view the college catalog by going to . It is recommended that you review the information published in the Catalog, and that you research the STARS program on the Web at to ensure that your planned curriculum will meet the requirements of the four-year college(s) that you may be considering for transfer upon completion of your requirements at Wallace Community College.

Student learning outcomes for each course offered by the Department of Biology may be viewed  here.