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Exit Exam Policy

English 101 students are required to pass the Exit Exam to successfully complete the course. However, a passing score on the Exit Exam does not ensure a passing grade in the course. Students must maintain a passing grade in their other coursework and pass the Exit Exam to pass English 101.
  1. Procedures:  The exam will consist of a single essay, two to four pages long.  Students will not be given the topic for this essay until they come to take the exam.  Grading:  Essays will be graded on content, organization, style, and mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and spelling).  Exit exams will be read by a member of the English Department other than the student’s instructor.  This reader will mark each essay either “pass” or “fail.”  The passing essay will be returned to the original instructor, who will then grade it and arrive at the student’s grade for the term.  Any essay judged “fail” will be passed to a second member of the department for an additional reading.  If the second reader agrees that it is a failing paper, the student fails the course.

  2. Appeal Process:  Students who are unsuccessful on their first Exit Exam may retake the exam if they have a “C” average in the class.  The same grading procedure will be followed for all retakes.