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Q: Why do I need a Speech course?

A: Most majors require students to take at least one speech course. The Speech program offers college transfer and skill development courses that involve students in building relevant skills necessary for success in college-level courses.

All WCC speech courses include experiences that help students improve their communication skills while supporting their attainment of certain competencies (General Education Outcomes) expected of all graduates. 

Transfer speech courses (SPH 106 and 107) also help students attain certain competencies of the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree. Those competencies are:

  1. Critical Thinking:  The ability to analyze problems by differentiation fact from opinions, using evidence from diverse sources effectively, and using sound reasoning to specify multiple solutions and their consequences.

  2. Effective Communication: The ability to effectively convey thought in a clear, well-organized manner to persuade, inform and exchange ideas in academic work, and community settings.

  3. Scientific and Technological Effectiveness:  The ability to use processes, procedures, data, or evidence to solve problems and make effective decisions using the appropriate technology effectively for informational, academic, personal, and professional needs.

  4. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Based on Knowledge of the Individual and Society:  The ability to apply self-assessment, awareness, and reflection strategies to interpersonal, work, community, career, and educational pathways, respectfully engaging with other cultures in an effort to understand them.