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Engineering Graphics (DDT)

(Wallace and Sparks Campuses, Easterling Correctional Facility)

Program Description:


Engineering Graphics encompasses many divergent fields of study, including Aerospace, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Piping, Structural, and Technical Illustrating. All of these fields focus on the ability to communicate by using a graphic language. Graphic communication is the ability to translate ideas and rough sketches into finished drawings that can be used to manufacture or assemble the desired product. These drawings are produced with the aid of specialty drawing and measuring instruments and the use of special computer programs. Students in this program learn basic drafting techniques as well as advanced topics within the fields of Architectural Design, Mechanical Design, 3-D Design and Animation. Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CAD) is an essential part of this program and is explored in depth.

Career Opportunities:

A student completing the degree requirements will be able to find employment with  engineers, various government subcontractors, machine shops, architects, electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers, and home builders.  

Skills Needed:

Students will learn many technical skills required in the area of drafting and design. Among the technical skills learned through each course you take, you can also look forward to obtaining the following skills:
  • Ability to use AutoCAD® software to create design plans for residential or commercial products
  • Ability to read and create blueprints
  • Ability to communicate technical information to a variety of people and scenarios

Expected Earnings/Salary:

Architectural and Civil Drafters

Contact Information

Mr. Mike Jernigan
Engineering Graphics Instructor
E-mail mjernigan@wallace.edu
334-983-3521x2261 - Dothan

Mr. Derek Crawford
Engineering Graphics Instructor
334-687-3543x4236 - Easterling