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Traditional (Generic) Track (Evenings/Weekends) Curriculum

Students attending evenings and weekends are scheduled to complete the program in seven (7) semesters rather than five (5).

Students may complete some or all of the general education (non-nursing) courses prior to admission to the ADN program. Upon admission to the program, students must complete any remaining general education courses prior to or within the semester listed, in order to progress.  NUR courses are sequential and cannot be combined to shorten the length of the program.

All courses listed in the ADN curriculum must be completed with a “C” or higher.
First Term
MTH100     Intermediate College Algebra (or a higher level math) 3
*BIO201      Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
NUR103      Health Assessment 1
NUR104      Introduction to Pharmacology 1

TOTAL Credit Hours 9

Second Term

NUR102 Fundamentals of Nursing  6
   TOTAL Credit Hours  6

Third Term    
BIO202        Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
NUR105      Adult Nursing 8

TOTAL Credit Hours 12

Fourth Term    
General Microbiology
English Composition I 3
NUR106   Maternal and Child Nursing 5
   TOTAL Credit Hours  12

Fifth Term    
Nursing Through the Lifespan I
PSY200      General Psychology 3

TOTAL Credit Hours 8

Sixth Term

SPH106 or SPH107      Speech 3
PSY210      Human Growth and Development 3
NUR202      Nursing Through the Lifespan II 6

TOTAL Credit Hours 12

Seventh Term

NUR203      Nursing Through the Lifespan III 6
NUR204      Transition Into Nursing Practice 4

TOTAL Credit Hours 13

Total Program Credit Hours:  72

Per College curriculum requirements, the following courses will be required in order to complete your AAS in Nursing.  These courses must be completed satisfactorily or with a “C” or higher:

    ORI 101:    Orientation to College (if applicable) – 1 credit hour

    ORI 104:    WorkKeys® Assessment and Advisement – 1 credit hour

    CIS 146:     Microcomputer Applications – 3 credit hour

*Pre-requisite:  Completion of BIO103 with a “C” or higher or satisfactory performance on ACCS Biology Placement Exam, prior to application to the ADN program, if applicable.  Students that have completed an Anatomy and Physiology course at WCC or another college and have received credit at WCC through the Office of Admissions and Records will not be required to complete BIO103 in order to meet curriculum requirements.