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Essential Functions

Cognitive and critical thinking abilities are sufficient to make clinical judgments and meet laboratory objectives and requirements
  1. Can comprehend new knowledge and apply it in PTA practice
  2. Can analyze situations and identify cause-effect relationships
  3. Can organize, problem-solve, and make decisions
  4. Can meet mental competency requirements of the Alabama Board of Physical Therapy
  5. Can compute mathematical problems
  6. Can operate a computer after an orientation
Interpersonal abilities are sufficient to interact purposefully and effectively with others.
  1. Can establish rapport with individuals.
  2. Can interchange ideas in a group.
  3.  Can perceive emotions displayed by others.
  4. Am able to convey sensitivity, respect, tact, and a mentally healthy attitude in interpersonal relationships.
Communication abilities are sufficient to convey thoughts in verbal and written form so that they are understood by others
  1. Have sufficient English language abilities to understand printed materials; classroom lectures; instructional, medical, or other directives; and patient questions and/or responses.
  2. Have sufficient English language abilities to be understood in verbal and written communication
  3. Can appropriately use the language of PTA and health care in verbal and written communications
  4. Can teach a concept and test for understanding
  5. Can interpret feedback or messages
Physical mobility is sufficient to fulfill classroom, clinical and program objectives safely and effectively
  1. Can maintain balance in any position and can stand on both legs, move from room to room in a timely manner and maneuver in small spaces
  2. Can freely move all joints through functional range of motion
  3. Am able to achieve certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) level.
Strength (gross motor skills) and endurance are sufficient to safely fulfill clinical laboratory objectives and requirements.
  1. Am able to stand and walk for 6 hours or more in a clinical situation
  2. Am able to position, lift and transfer patients from all surfaces without injury to the patient, self, or others.
  3. Am able to push or pull heavy objects, such as occupied hospital bed without injury to patient, self or others.
Fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination are sufficient to safely fulfill laboratory objectives and requirements
  1. Am able to manipulate small objects and dials on equipment.
  2. Can manipulate objects without extraneous motions, tremors or jerking
  3. Can write the English language legibly, using correct grammar and syntax.
Auditory ability is sufficient to communicate effectively with others, to monitor and assess patient status, and to fulfill all laboratory objectives and requirements
  1. Can hear high and low frequency sounds, such as telephones, monitor alarms, emergency signals, weak cries of infants and weak calls for help.
Visual ability is sufficient to monitor and assess patient status and to fulfill laboratory objectives and requirements.

Instruments to enhance or correct vision are portable, usable in small spaces and in varying levels of light and do not disrupt care or cause discomfort to patients
  1. Am able to discern the full spectrum of colors and to distinguish color changes.
  2. Can accurately read numbers and letters in fine print, such as would appear on therapy or monitoring equipment in varying levels of light (daylight to very dim light)
  3. Can read for long periods of time.
  4. Can read cursive writing such as would be found on patient’s charts.
  5. Can detect changes in the environment
Tactile ability and sense of smell are sufficient to assess patients and the environment
  1. Can discern tremors or vibrations in various body parts.
  2. Can palpate and count pulses
  3. Can discern physical characteristics through touch, such as texture, shape, size, location and others.
  4. Can smell body and environmental odors, such as infected wounds or burning electrical equipment