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Full-time Faculty:

G. Bates Gilmore, MA, RT (R)
Program Director, Radiologic Technology

Education:  AAS, Enterprise State Junior College, 1983; BS, University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1986; MA, The University of Alabama, 2012

Rachael Elliott, MAHS, RT (R) (CT)
Education:  AAS, Wallace Community College, 2002; BSRS, Midwestern State University, 2012; MAHS, The University of Alabama, 2018

Adjunct Lab Assistants:

Martina Freeland, AAS, RT (R)
Education:  AAS, Wallace Community College, 2002

Jacy Tucker, BS, RT (R) (CT) (MR) (AART)
Education: AS, Washington State Community College, 1997; BS, Southern Illinois University, 2001