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Counseling and Career Services

The College provides a staff of professionals to assist all students in planning and selecting appropriate educational goals. Counseling is an ongoing process that assists with personal, academic, and financial aid concerns. The counseling services for Wallace Community College students are offered through Wallace Community College's student affairs division and through the federal TRIO Student Support Services program for those students who qualify. Students are made aware of the available counseling services through the College Catalog and Student Handbook and through orientation classes. Procedures for personal, academic, and financial counseling are as follows:


Students having difficulty with academic coursework are encouraged to seek help from their individual instructors. Students with special problems may be referred to a College counselor, the Director of Student and Campus Services, the Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar, or the Coordinator of Student Services. Students with disabilities are referred to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator at their respective campus location. The mathematics department on the Wallace Campus in Dothan has math tutors available for day and evening students. Additional tutorial services are available for qualified students through the federally funded TRIO Student Support Services program.


Students encountering financial problems should be referred to the Director of  Financial Aid or other financial aid personnel who will assist them regarding scholarships, grants, and college work-study. Students needing further assistance should be referred to a College counselor for possible community resource referral.


Personal counseling is an ongoing process at Wallace Community College.  Two counselors are available for students on the Wallace Campus. There is also a counselor with the TRIO Student Support Services program for students qualifying for their services. On the Sparks Campus in Eufaula, students have access to the Coordinator of Student Services. Each campus has an open door policy for students and appointments may be scheduled. Administrators/faculty/staff may refer any student encountering personal difficulty that affects their academic pursuits to a College counselor, Director of Student and Campus Services, Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar, or the Coordinator of Student Services.  If any student requires more extensive personal counseling than the counselors are able to provide, the counselor will refer the student to an appropriate agency or other source of help.  Referral resources include such agencies such as The Family Service Center Barbour (The Clearing House), Spectra Care, The House of Ruth, etc. A Resource Manual is available in the Counseling Office and the Student Affairs Department at each campus.