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Student WiFi Services

As of August 2nd, the ITS department will change the way you will access your student WiFi on-campus.  

Instructions to Connect to WCC_STUDENT wifi network after August 2nd:

iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.), Apple Macbook, Windows, or Google Chromebook
  1. Connect to WCC_STUDENT
  2. Enter your full GovNET email address and your GovNET password when prompted
  1. Connect to WCC_STUDENT
  2. Use the following options when prompted:
    • EAP Method or Phase I Auth: PEAP
    • Phase 2 Method: MSCHAPv2
    • CA Certificate: Use System Certificates or Do Not Validate
    • Domain (if applicable): wallace.edu
    • Identity: Full GovNET email address
    • Anonymous Identity: Leave blank
    • Password: GovNET password