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Academic preparation

Academic Tutoring

The purpose of the tutoring program is to assist SSS participants in overcoming deficiencies in their course work. We are here to help the participants gain self-confidence so that they can achieve their goals without assistance. SSS Peer tutors are students who have an overall GPA of 3.0 and have made an A or B in the courses they tutor. Professional tutors who are employed by the program are individuals with degrees in a specified discipline like math or English. They are paid by SSS to provide free tutoring to any SSS participant.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is available in subjects that are traditionally difficult courses – those that have high percentages of D, F, and W as the final grade.  SI sessions are small group study sessions.  Announcements are made in the classes offering SI regarding dates and times of the sessions.  See the TRiO Staff for a list of SI courses, leaders, dates, and times.  Usually our Instructional Coordinators or professional tutors conduct these sessions. Each term we conduct SI for courses like Mathematics, English, computer, and other courses in which students demonstrated difficulty. Statistics have shown that the average grade for SI participants (those who attended three or more SI sessions) was one letter grade higher than the class average.

Academic Advising

TRiO Staff will provide assistance in course selection and academic advising. If you plan to transfer, the staff will guide you into the correct degree plan and courses that will meet the State Articulation Plan for Alabama.  Furthermore, you will follow a Student Support Services Transfer Guide when selecting courses based on the pre-requisite for their particular major.  This guide will enable the SSS project staff to monitor your progress and coordinate any changes within the selected courses to ensure articulation with Alabama’s four-year institution that you plan to transfer.