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Financial Preparation

Financial Aid Forum
The TRiO staff will conduct a financial aid forum designed to find innovative ways to assist participants in securing funds for their education cost. The forum is especially designed to inform graduating participants and those who are transferring to a four-year college about the student loan process and the “myths and facts” about entering into a student loan.  When exiting the SSS program, all graduating and transferring participants will be required to attend this Financial Aid Forum and validate that they are knowledgeable about the student loan program.  This validation process will consist of a financial aid knowledge survey or a self-assessment to determine their financial plan for covering their cost of attendance at the four-year college.

One-On-One Financial Counseling
During the intake process, each participant’s financial aid award will be reviewed and discussed at length to ensure that all sources to aid the participant are available. The TRiO staff will provide scholarship applications as well as assistance in the completion of the applications.  If a participant has an extraordinary unmet need, the Director will intercede for additional funds with both the Director of Financial Aid and Dean of Student Affairs. 

FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid)
The TRiO Staff will provide assistance with the completion of the FAFSA and ensure that participants are of the process of awarding and maintaining academic progress that may inhibit future awards.

Financial and Economic Literacy
Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a focus group to develop a Budget Plan.  This Budget Plan will be comprehensive, yet feasible for you to apply immediately in their daily lives.  This focus group will incorporate unique topics for discussion e.g.
  • Budgeting Personal Finances and Recordkeeping
  • Managing your credit score
  • What is Online Banking and Mobile Banking?
This open forum will consist of a panel of subject-matter experts who will respond to questions about FINANCE or the economic trends and their area of expertise.