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Social Preparation

Professional Mentorship Program
The TRiO Staff will provide opportunities for participants to meet and form a relationship with professional in various fields.  Participants will participate in job shadowing and explore career options in various professions such as Health Science, Education, Mathematics, Engineering, Science, and Technology.  If pursuing an associate degree and seeking to transfer to a four-year college and university, the TRiO SSS will assist participants with a career plan using the aid of interest inventories, aptitude assessments, industry visits, and of other college tours with emphasis on your chosen field of study. In addition, the TRiO staff will identify and select a professional mentor for participants to gain foresight about their chosen field and the expectation needed when transferring to that four-college or university.

The TRiO Staff will utilize the latest technology for participants to network with professional mentors, formal students, and college graduates.  The technology will consist of, but not limited to, as follows:  Internet, e.g., Facebook, twitter, email, and Skype; videoconferences, teleconference, text messaging, etc.  We want participants to fully experience the latest tech gadgets utilized to succeed in this high tech environment.   

Book Club
The Book Club is a series of group sessions that are available to our TRiO SSS students during the semester.  Participants will get to know other students and be exposed to interesting topics and concepts.  The TRiO SSS Book Club meets monthly.

Electronic Communications
Wallace Community College provides each student with an e-mail address.  Electronic mail is one of the ways we communicate with participants.  Please see Ms. Keyana Griffin on the Dothan Campus and Ms. Lisa Peterson on the Sparks Campus if you have questions or problems receiving e-mails from the TRiO SSS staff.  You can contact Ms. Peterson by e-mail at: or Ms. Ealey at or by telephone at 334/556-2368 or 334/687-3543, ext. 4271 or 2368.

Cultural Experiences
We will keep participants informed of all opportunities to experience cultural events.  Many times we will have free tickets available.  Participants are encouraged to check their e-mail and visit the TRiO SSS department regularly for up-coming event announcements.  Learning about different cultures and art forms is an important part of the educational process.

Resume Design
Through workshops and personal advising, the TriO Student Support Services staff will help participants design an informative and eye-catching resume.  This is the first step to obtaining that all-important interview with the company of their choice.  Resume design is complicated and time consuming, so participants should contact the TriO SSS Secretary to schedule an appointment with one of the staff members early in their Sophomore Year.

Mock Interviews
Job interviews can be stressful, especially if a person has never been interviewed.  To alleviate those first interview jitters, we offer mock or pretend interviews complete with role playing panels of interviewers.  We will conduct these interviews which will include frequently asked interview questions and offer helpful suggestions on improving your skills.  We can also videotape this mock interview, so participants can view themselves.