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TRiO First-Year College Experience


The purpose of the First-Year College Experience is to enable students to make a smooth transition from high school to college and to improve their academic skills for college success.  The ultimate goal is to provide the tools that will increase college retention and to bridge the gap toward a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher education.


The First-Year College Experience enables a smooth transition from high school to the “rigorous college academics.” The program also provides an atmosphere that promotes excellent performance.  Participants will experience a broader exposure to diverse ideas and an arena of opportunities for goal setting through success seminars.  Furthermore, they will achieve the needed tools - note taking tips, study skills, reading tips, etc. - for retention and success in a postsecondary educational setting. All participants are expected to continue their education at a four-year college or university of their choice and to earn a bachelor’s degree.


The First-Year College Experience will begin during the Summer Term in which a total of 40 students will be selected to receive the following services:

  • Participate in an Effective Leadership Retreat.  People often talk about what it takes to be a leader but rarely about the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors that inhibit leadership.  Participants will openly discuss this through interactive presentations.  The second part of the retreat will have participants examine their own view of leadership and how they handle leading others.
  • Participate in Cultural Events. Participants will tour various high technology industries and other businesses in the surrounding areas that will portray the opportunities for studies in science and other advanced technological fields.
  • Participate in Career Exploration.  Participants will receive assistance in developing a career strategy that includes objective research and analysis both from a personal and employer perspective.  They will learn to use a variety of resources to make sound career choices.  Each student will take the Strong Interest Inventory assessment to identify several optimum careers based on their interests.  They will also become familiar with the ACT Discover career database which is available through the college’s Career Center.  Professional representatives from various professions will speak with the students about the following career clusters (1) Allied Health & Nursing programs, (2) Career & Technical programs and (3) Academic Transfer programs.  Students will also be able to visit classrooms and labs where they will observe and participate in hands-on activities.
  • Participate in Transfer Preparation to a Four-Year College/University.  The participants will receive excellent counseling and advising about transferring to the various college/university campuses as well as a chance to visit and acquire first-hand information about colleges/universities.  With the assistance of the college’s financial aid personnel, the counselor will create a financial aid packet to cover participants’ cost of education at the transferring college/university.

Students will enroll in selectively designed courses; therefore, creating a learning community.