WCCD Pre-apprentice Electrical Lineworker Spring 2022 Graduation Includes Female Graduate

Caitlyn Deese is one of only 8 female program graduates in the program’s history.

Wallace Community College-Dothan held the Spring 2022 Pre-apprentice Electrical Lineworker graduation on Monday, March 28, 2022, on the Wallace Campus in Dothan. Twenty graduates successfully completed the 7-week program, including Caitlyn Deese, the only female in her graduating class and one of only 8 female graduates in the program’s history.

Deese became interested in the WCCD Pre-apprentice Electrical Lineworker program through a friend. “I knew someone who had been through the program,” she said. “I like being outdoors, so I decided I wanted to try it.” The program was not Deese’s first experience at WCCD—while in high school, Deese was a dual enrollment student and went through the welding program. She was the only female in that class as well and worked in the welding field locally for a brief period.

The Pre-apprentice Electrical Lineworker program is physically demanding, and Deese met all its demands, including the requirement to work aloft without a fear of heights.  “I’ve never been scared of heights,” she said, “but you still had to get used to it. It doesn’t bother me at all.” Because of her stature, Deese “surprised me,” said instructor Greg Chaney. “I’m not going to lie.” He recounted an assignment where students had to rig up a cross-arm that weighed 50-60 pounds. Some of the students struggled, but Caitlyn did not. “She paid attention and rigged hers properly,” said Chaney. “She was smart, and she achieved her goal.”

Being the only female in the class didn’t faze Deese, but she does wish there were more females in the industry.

“Our goal is that more women will see that Caitlyn not only completed the lineworker program but also gained employment in a high demand, high wage career field,” said Kecia Forehand, WCCD Workforce Development Coordinator. “Caitlyn has great earning potential, and we are truly excited to see where her career will take her. Caitlyn has proven that with great work ethic, dedication, and perseverance, women can be successful in any career field.”

Pre-apprentice Electrical Lineworker classes for the remainder of the year are full at this time.

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