The WCC Dual Enrollment Department is here to serve you.  If you would like to speak with someone about Dual Enrollment Opportunities or need assistance,  please feel free to set up a virtual appointment through our “Book a Reservation” Link Below or contact the DE Office Directly at (334) 556-2423.

If you prefer to email, our email address is


Please note:  Once the virtual appointment is set, the student will receive a confirmation to the email provided.  The parent/student will CLICK ON “JOIN TEAMS MEETING” or CALL the number provided on the confirmation email.  The Dual Enrollment Office does not contact the parent/student during the scheduled appointment time.


The dual enrollment/dual credit program is one that offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses while receiving high school credit for the same course. Dual enrollment is a great way to make the transition into a successful college experience.  Depending on the school system, students can participate in dual enrollment while in grades 10, 11, or 12. Each school system has different policies regarding dual enrollment.

Two paths are offered for dual enrollment through academic transfer courses and career-technical programs. The academic transfer pathway is generally geared toward the student’s goal of earning a bachelor’s degree while the career-technical route is one that is focused on the attainment of a degree or certificate in a particular technical field

Frequently Asked Questions

All dual enrollment classes adhere to the Wallace Community College semester calendar, regardless of location. A course schedule for each semester is available in a printed version or downloaded from Wallace Community College follows a schedule of three terms: fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Tuition and fees are the same as any other college class, regardless of location, and are payable on the same schedule as any Wallace Community College student. This schedule can be found under the Business Office link on our website.

On September 13, 2018, the Alabama State Board of Education amended the Alabama Administrative Code, Rule No. 290-3-1-.02, pertaining to secondary course credit awarded for post-secondary coursework through dual enrollment. The revised rule now includes the following language:  “Semester credit hours at the post-secondary level courses specifically named as a requirement for graduation as outlined in AAC Rule 290-3-1-.02(8)(a) are determined according to guidelines established by the State Department of Education. Partial/full credit agreements shall be developed between the local board of education and participating post-secondary institutions for courses that are excluded from the SDE guidelines for assigning credit.”

The local LEA determines what is reflected on the high school transcript based off of the approved dual enrollment course list.

The courses offered are taught as any other college class with fully-credentialed Wallace Community College faculty using the same textbooks and syllabi whether taught on a high school campus or on a WCC campus.

Students should speak with their high school guidance counselor about courses that can be taken for dual enrollment credit.  If a student is new to the program, the student should FIRST apply online to the college.  Next, the student will complete the online dual enrollment application located on the dual enrollment webpage.  Students should use their personal email address, not their school nor parent’s email, as they will receive a series of emails once they begin this process.  Check this email regularly for updates.  Students will be required to upload a current photo ID into the dual enrollment application.  If a student does not have an ID, the counselor and/or career coach may submit a signed copy of the student’s INow profile sheet, copy of the student’s birth certificate, and social security card.  Emails will be sent back and forth throughout the process once the dual enrollment application process begins.  Once admissions has confirmed the student’s admittance to the college, the student will check the online schedule (when published each semester) to select classes for registration.  Students will register for classes and make payment through their myWCC account online when registration dates open.

Note:  Students will only be permitted to register for specific approved class(es) listed on the Statement of Eligibility Form submitted during the application process.  If a change must be made to these course selections, it must be initiated with the high school counselor FIRST for the revision.

Please note that a qualifying ACT and/or Accuplacer score is required for English and Math placement.  If a student does not have an ACT score, the student may test on our Accuplacer test to determine placement.  Dually enrolled students must place directly into ENG101 or MTH100 or higher.  Dually enrolled students cannot place in co-requisite courses for these subject-areas.

The Accuplacer test is not required for an admission. However, if a student plans to take an English or math class and has not taken the SAT or ACT, the Accuplacer test is required for placement.  Dually enrolled students are not permitted to take co-requisite courses in English and/or Math.

An 18 or higher on the English portion of the ACT is required for enrollment in English 101.

Students planning to take a math course with an ACT mathematics score of 18 or higher are exempted from the Accuplacer placement test. Placement of these students will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • ACT math score 18-21 Math 100 Intermediate College Algebra
  • ACT math score 22 Math 110 (Finite Mathematics) or Math 112 (Pre-calculus with Algebra)
  • ACT math score 23-24 Math 113 (Pre-calculus with Trig)
  • ACT math score 25 or higher Math 125 Calculus I

Students should work very closely with their guidance counselors during the process of admission. Students may also contact Wallace Community College’s dual enrollment department at or 556-2423 for more information.

Steps to register online

To begin, log into your myWCC (OneACCS). Follow your myWCC (OneACCS) login directions (outlined on the page). If you cannot log in, contact the HelpDesk at (334) 556-2464 or email for assistance.

  1. After logging into your myWCC (OneACCS) account, look for the tab labeled: Student Menu and click to see the options available.
  2. Choose: Student Landing Page
  3. Under the heading Student Records click on Registration.
  4. Click on Register for Classes.
  5. Select the appropriate Term.
  6. In the Enter Your Search Criteria area include the subject that you are registering for to find the day and time the class is offered to choose from.
  7. Identify the class that you want to register for and choose ADD in the right hand column.  The course will be added to the Summary Panel in a Pending status.  Repeat this process until you have listed all of the courses in which you wish to enroll in the Summary Panel.  (see example below)
  8. Press Submit in the lower right corner to save and your registration will be complete.

NOTE: Students who have holds on their accounts must settle the matter before attempting to register online. 

When does Fall 2021 registration begin?

Pre-Registration for Dual Enrollment begins April 28th at 8:00 a.m. – Online (see “How do I register for classes” for instructions)

                           Term Dates              Registration Dates          Late Registration &  Drop/Add

Fall Term       8/19/21 – 12/15/21         4/28/21 – 8/16/21               8/19/21 – 8/20/21

What classes are being offered?

You can view the current class schedule here.

In what format are the classes being offered?

Wallace Community College is pleased to offer a variety of options. Online, hybrid, virtual and in-person classes will be offered each term to meet your specific preferences.

When do Fall classes begin?

Fall Classes begin August 19th.

When is the deadline for tuition payment?

Full Term     7/21/21 by 4:00pm   (How Do I Pay for Classes?)