PRE-REGISTRATION FOR SPRING 2021:  Current dually enrolled students taking classes ONLINE, classes taught on the WCC-Dothan, or classes taught on the WCC-Sparks campuses ONLY should sign up for a VIRTUAL pre-registration appointments.  Please use our “Book a Reservation” Link on the WCC Website or click the following link:

The Dual Enrollment Office will begin accepting virtual appointments with students beginning the week of November 9th with dates/times available until Spring semester begins.

Please note:  Once the virtual appointment is set, the student will receive a confirmation to the email provided.  The student will CLICK ON “JOIN TEAMS MEETING” or CALL the number provided on the confirmation email.  The Dual Enrollment Office does not contact the student during the scheduled appointment time.

The dual enrollment/dual credit program is one that offers high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses while receiving high school credit for the same course. Dual enrollment is a great way to make the transition into a successful college experience.  Depending on the school system, students can participate in dual enrollment while in grades 10, 11, or 12. Each school system has different policies regarding dual enrollment.

Two paths are offered for dual enrollment through academic transfer courses and career-technical programs. The academic transfer pathway is generally geared toward the student’s goal of earning a bachelor’s degree while the career-technical route is one that is focused on the attainment of a degree or certificate in a particular technical field

How Do I Get Started?

Students are encouraged to contact their high school counselor to obtain a dual enrollment packet or contact the dual enrollment coordinator at Wallace Community College to begin the process.

Students will complete the required application packet Dual Enrollment Application  and return it to their high school counselor.  Please note that the CTE GPA has increased to a 2.5 even though the paper application still denotes a 2.0 GPA.  All items on the attached checklist must be completed in order to fulfill the admissions process.  If any items are missing from the checklist, your admissions to the College will be delayed.  The Statement of Eligibility Form requires the high school principal and school counselor’s signature; the counselor can help complete this form. The high school counselor will denote the course(es) that a student is eligible to take at Wallace College/Sparks while dual enrolled.  A copy of the current high school transcript will be included with the application for processing.   The counselor will then give the completed application to the Wallace Community College dual enrollment coordinator to process the application and get the student ready for registration.

Note:  The student is responsible for sending ACT scores for English and Math placement consideration.  If an ACT score is not available, the student should make arrangements to take the Accuplacer placement exam PRIOR to registration for courses.  To register for the Accuplacer Exam please visit Wallace Campus Accuplacer Inventory or Spark Campus Accuplacer Inventory and select the desired date, and time for testing.

What Classes Do I Take?

Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university are encouraged to consult the STARS guide for courses within a certain major. Students can complete the STARS Guide and follow the prompts to receive a transfer guide for their major.

Popular academic transfer courses include: 2.5 GPA for academic courses (Some school districts require a 3.0 GPA for academic dual enrollment)

  • English 101 and English 102 (English composition) – Must have a qualifying ACT score of 18 or higher on the English subscore or Accuplacer score
  • History 101 and 102 (Western Civilization) or History 201 and 202 (United States History)
  • Psychology 200/210
  • Art Appreciation 100
  • Music Appreciation 100
  • Speech 106 or 107 (Oral Communication or Public Speaking)
  • Biology 103 and 104 (Fundamentals of Biology)
  • Chemistry 111 and 112 (Fundamentals of Chemistry)
  • Math 112 (Precalculus/Algebra), Math 113 (Precalculus/Trigonometry), Math 125 (Calculus I) – Must have a qualifying ACT score of 20 or higher on the math subscore or Accuplacer score

Online Courses–if applicable (students that desire to take an online course must complete the required eLearning Training after being admitted to the college before the Dual Enrollment Office can register a student for the desired course.

NOTE:  Students are responsible for sending ACT results to Wallace Community College for English and Math placement consideration.  If a student does not have an ACT score, the student may take the Accuplacer for placement consideration.  Information about the Accuplacer can be found on our website or by contacting testing services.

Career-technical programs include: 2.5 GPA including EMS and Medical Assisting, which also require a 2.5 GPA

  • Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technology (Wallace Campus) – (Funded)
  • Automotive Body Repair (Sparks Campus)
  • Automotive Technology (Wallace Campus) – (Funded)
  • Business Administration and Management, Associate’s degree (both campuses)
  • Cabinetmaking (Wallace Campus)
  • Child Development (both campuses) – (Funded)
  • Computer and Information Sciences (both campuses) – (Funded)
  • Criminal Justice (both campuses)
  • Drafting and Design Technology (both campuses) – (Funded)
  • Electrical Technology, Associate’s degree (Wallace Campus) – (Funded)
  • Industrial Systems/Industrial Maintenance Technology (Wallace Campus) – (Funded)
  • Medical Assistant (Wallace Campus) – (Funded)
  • Welding (both campuses) – (Funded)

Workforce Development Funds might be available for High-Demand/High-Wage career technical areas (strictly based on funding).  Current scholarship consideration is for FUNDED COURSES ONLY.  These courses are denoted in the listing above.

Allied Health Programs

  • Associate Degree Nursing*
  • Emergency Medical Services*
  • Licensed Practical Nursing*
  • Physical Therapy Assistant*
  • Radiologic Technology*
  • Respiratory Therapist*

*Restrictions regarding program entrance requirements and courses exist within dual enrollment.


Scholarships available for dual enrollment students include:

Wiregrass Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship, provided through the Wiregrass Foundation, is open to seniors in the Dothan City Schools System -Dothan High and Houston County Schools System (Ashford High, Cottonwood High, Houston County High, Rehobeth High, and Wicksburg High). Seniors must have a 3.0 or higher GPA and receive free or reduced lunch in order to be eligible. A letter of recommendation is also required and/or the scholarship verification form must be completed. The scholarship will pay for one 3 credit hour academic course in the fall semester and one  3 credit hour academic course in the spring semester. Books are not included as part of the scholarship.

Eligible students should contact their high school counselor or the Wallace Community College dual enrollment coordinator.  (Note:  This scholarship does not cover books/access codes.  The scholarship cycle will conclude at the end of Spring 2021)

Workforce Development Grant Scholarship

This scholarship is provided through the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development to give area students a head start in several high demand careers. The scholarship will pay tuition and fees for career-technical courses only.  Textbooks are available for many of the approved CTE programs for dual enrollment student use ON LOAN from the instructor when funding permits.  Unfortunately, the Dual Enrollment Department is currently unable to use the WFD Grant Scholarship to pay for individual student access codes due to budgetary constraints.  Funding is being used solely to pay for access codes for courses taught directly on our high school and/or career technical center sites (as funding permits).  Therefore, we do encourage students to prepare for this expense out-of-pocket.  The typical expense for an access code ranges from $100-$140+/- per course for most Computer Science and/or Office Administration related course codes.

The funding budget for this scholarship varies from year to year, but it is an excellent avenue to obtain career-ready skills while still in high school. For more information, contact your high school counselor or the Wallace Community College dual enrollment office at or 556-2423.

Currently these funds only cover courses on the Funded List when available.  The courses include:  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Automotive Technology, Child Development, Computer Science, Drafting, Electrical Technology, Industrial Maintenance, *Emergency Medical Service Basic (EMS),  Medical Assisting, Office Administration, and Welding.  BIO201/202 can be covered for declared pre-healthcare majors (Pre-Rad, Pre-PTA, Pre-Respiratory, Pre-Nursing). Note: BIO103 is a pre-requisite for BIO201/202 and is not covered under grant funding. *EMS is recommended for SENIORS due to the National Registry Licensure Age requirement of 18. Both EMS and MAT have a 2.5 GPA minimum requirement for Dual Enrollment. All other CTE programs also have a 2.5 GPA minimum requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

All dual enrollment classes adhere to the Wallace Community College semester calendar, regardless of location. A course schedule for each semester is available in a printed version or downloaded from Wallace Community College follows a schedule of three terms: fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Tuition and fees are the same as any other college class, regardless of location, and are payable on the same schedule as any Wallace Community College student. This schedule can be found under the Business Office link on our website.

On September 13, 2018, the Alabama State Board of Education amended the Alabama Administrative Code, Rule No. 290-3-1-.02, pertaining to secondary course credit awarded for post-secondary coursework through dual enrollment. The revised rule now includes the following language:  “Semester credit hours at the post-secondary level courses specifically named as a requirement for graduation as outlined in AAC Rule 290-3-1-.02(8)(a) are determined according to guidelines established by the State Department of Education. Partial/full credit agreements shall be developed between the local board of education and participating post-secondary institutions for courses that are excluded from the SDE guidelines for assigning credit.”

The local LEA determines what is reflected on the high school transcript based off of the approved dual enrollment course list.

The courses offered are taught as any other college class with fully-credentialed Wallace Community College faculty using the same textbooks and syllabi whether taught on a high school campus or on a WCC campus.

First of all, students should talk to their parent or guardian for his or her support and permission. Secondly, students should talk with their high school counselor to decide if the program is the right choice and to gather assistance in completing the necessary paperwork. Next, the counselor will contact the dual enrollment coordinator to set up the admissions process. Students may contact the dual enrollment coordinator directly, but the information will ultimately be shared with the high school counselor to verify eligibility and coursework. The next step would be to take the ACT or Accuplacer test for course placement, if needed. The final step includes the actual course registration and the payment of tuition and fees.

The Accuplacer test is not required for an admission. However, if a student plans to take an English or math class and has not taken the SAT or ACT, the Accuplacer test is required for placement.

An 18 or higher on the English portion of the ACT is required for enrollment in English 101.

Students planning to take a math course with an ACT mathematics score of 18 or higher are exempted from the Accuplacer placement test. Placement of these students will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • ACT math score 18-21 Math 100 Intermediate College Algebra
  • ACT math score 22 Math 110 (Finite Mathematics) or Math 112 (Pre-calculus with Algebra)
  • ACT math score 23-24 Math 113 (Pre-calculus with Trig)
  • ACT math score 25 or higher Math 125 Calculus I

Students should work very closely with their guidance counselors during the process of admission. Students may also contact Wallace Community College’s dual enrollment department at or 556-2423 for more information.