Scholarships available for dual enrollment students include:

Workforce Development Grant Scholarship

This scholarship is provided through the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development to give area students a head start in several high demand careers. The scholarship will pay tuition and fees for career-technical courses only.  Textbooks are available for many of the approved CTE programs for dual enrollment student use ON LOAN from the instructor when funding permits.  Unfortunately, the Dual Enrollment Department is currently unable to use the WFD Grant Scholarship to pay for individual student access codes due to budgetary constraints.  Funding is being used solely to pay for access codes for courses taught directly on our high school and/or career technical center sites (as funding permits).  Therefore, we do encourage students to prepare for this expense out-of-pocket.  The typical expense for an access code ranges from $100-$140+/- per course for most Computer Science and/or Office Administration related course codes.

The funding budget for this scholarship varies from year to year, but it is an excellent avenue to obtain career-ready skills while still in high school. For more information, contact your high school counselor or the Wallace Community College dual enrollment office at or 556-2423.

Currently these funds only cover courses on the Funded List when available.  The courses include:  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Automotive Technology, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Computer Science, Drafting, Electrical Technology, Industrial Maintenance, *Emergency Medical Service Basic (EMS),  Medical Assisting, Office Administration, and Welding.  BIO201/202 can be covered for Pre-Nursing students only. (Note: BIO103 is a pre-requisite for BIO201/202 and is not covered under grant funding.)

*EMS is recommended for SENIORS due to the National Registry Licensure Age requirement of 18. Juniors opting to participate can test upon the completion of the EMS118/119 coursework but cannot obtain licensure until they meet the 18 year old age requirement.  Both EMS and MAT have a 2.5 GPA minimum requirement for Dual Enrollment.

STEM Scholarship Opportunities

  • Currently available for dually enrolled students (subject to funding availability)
  • Can cover UP TO 2 STEM related courses
    • Tuition and fees
    • Students may “borrow” a textbook on loan from the DE office
    • Students may obtain an access code for a required class if needed
    • Cannot exceed two funded courses under any scholarship (CTE and/or STEM in combination in the Fall/Spring Semesters)
    • Math and some science courses have an ACT or course pre-requisite.

STEM Courses include:

  • ANY SCIENCE (Examples: BIO103/BIO104, PHS111/PHS112, BIO201/202, etc.)
  • ANY MATH (Accuplacer or ACT score needed)
    • *Chemistry pre-requisite requires the successful completion of MTH 112.
    • **Physics pre-requisite requires the successful completion of MTH 125.